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Fishing for Trout and Salmon

Fishing for Trout and Salmon is Fun


Alaska Pink Salmon also called Humpback Salmon

I caught this pink or humpback salmon in a river in Ketchikan

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Fishing for trout and salmon is fun.

I have always wanted to go salmon fishing in Alaska. Hiring a guide would be the way to go since I know nothing about fishing there. I have heard of the Kenai River and other places, and there is lots of info about other fishing holes too. You can catch salmon in the lower 48 in places like New York, but Alaska is the place of dreams. Maybe I should consider a trip to Oregon or Canada, since either would be closer.

More dream trips would be to the famous streams of Ireland or Scotland, or even South Africa!

We do have some good fishing nearer to me, though I would have to settle for trout, not salmon. I missed my chance to fish in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but I did fish in Yellowstone Park. North Georgia has some trout, but North Carolina offers better fishing close to me. Virginia, Missouri and Arkansas also have good trout fishing.

Trout Unlimited is working to increase trout habitat and safeguard streams. Whirling Disease is becoming a problem in some areas, and a way to protect wild trout must be discovered. Hopefully, trout and salmon fishing will be available for many generations to come.

Have you ever caught trout? Have any favorite internet sites on fishing for them? Tell me about it.

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