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Species Profile: Largemouth Bass


The largemouth bass is available to more anglers than any other species of fish, and is unarguably the most popular single species of sportfish in the United States. Learn about the habitat and behavior of this species.

Freshwater Fishing Spotlight10

Fishing Simply

Be smart and fish thoroughly when you don’t have a a boatload of gadgets and lures.

Tackling the Weeds for Bass

You need the right tackle and the right attitude to fish where the bass are

Forecasting Fish Activity and Best Fishing Times

Using sun and moon positions to predict periods of fish activity

Species Profile: Channel Catfish

Facts About the Life and Behavior of Channel Catfish

Facts About Lures and Lure Usage

Basic Things You Should Know About Lures and How to Use Them

How to Learn From a Fishing Guide

The Guide’s Way is Often the Best Way, So Pay Attention

Releasing Fish: Why You Should Make It Quick

The Right Tactic Is to Land Fish Quickly, Unhook Them Quickly, and Get Them Back in the Water Quickly

How Much Underwater Area Does Your Sonar View?

How Transducer Cone Angle Determines the Underwater Area You View

12 Fishing Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

These are the top accessories that boating anglers need while fishing.

Boating Numbers Increase, Greatly Influence Fishing Access

Boat sales are up, most boaters fish, yet access problems exist

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