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Fishing for White Bass In Lakes

Lake Fishing for White Bass


Nice March Conroe White Bass

Nice March Conroe White Bass

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Fishing in lakes for white bass is the norm since they are open water fish and usually hold in fairly deep water. They move constantly, swimming in the water column rather than holding still like black bass. They often school on top chasing baitfish and looking for these schools, and casting to them, is often called "fishing the jumps" since the fish seem to be jumping out of the water.

White bass run up rivers and creeks with moving water in lakes to spawn, and fishing for them on concentration areas like bridges and points during the run can be excellent action.

Where To Find in Lakes

In the winter white bass hold near the bottom in deep water, and the depth varies in different lakes. You can often spot them on deptfinders holding under schools of baitfish. In the spring look for white bass running up creeks and rivers to spawn. They concentrate going under bridges and where long points "squeeze" the size of the lake down, so trolling or casting those areas works well. In the summer schools of white bass roam open water chasing baitfish. The best fishing is watching for surface activity and getting close enough to cast to them. This action tapers off in the fall as the water cools until the white bass move to their winter depths.

Baits To Use Fishing For White Bass In Lakes

In the winter small spoons jigged near the bottom works well. A live minnow like a shiner or threadfin shad will also catch white bass.

In the spring when they are running up rivers troll with small spoons like the Binks. Small spinners like Mepps work well, too. They will also eat small jigs like bucktails. Fishing under bridges day and night is a good tactic in the spring and summer. Most folks hang a lantern over the side of the boat to attract baitfish which draw in the white bass and many other species. A small baitfish the size of what the light attracts, or a jig the same size, are the best bets.

During the summer small topwater baits like a Tiny Torpedo cast to surface activity is a fun way to catch them. Small spoons, spinners and jigs work well, too. One good way to catch them is to attach a small floating fly behind a popping cork. You can cast it a long way and the little bait attracts the fish. You can even use two flys on different leaders and often catch doubles.

Follow the schools until they disappear then start the pattern over, looking for deep fish holding under schools of bait fish as the water gets cold.

Tackle To Use Fishing For White Bass In Lakes

White bass average one to two pounds with a rare three pounder caught. Light spinning or spin cast tackle works well for throwing the small lures needed to hook them, and light line in the six to eight pound range is best. The light tackle also lets the strong pulling white bass to put up the best fight you can enjoy. They are good to eat but have a red stripe of meat that is very strong flvored.

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