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Paul Markle's Tips On How To Catch Big Pike

How To Catch Big Pike


Record Pike

Paul Markle caught this record pike

2007 Paul Markle licensed to About.com
Yes, I do catch big fish. The reason for this is because I "target" big fish.

First I learn everything I can about the species that I'm going after. For example, take that big Pike. These big fellows act totally different then say a two footer would.\


I call these smaller ones, zoomies. They zoom here and there and every which way there is and will chase and grab just about anything. But them big ones hunt different and travel different. They will lay in ambush and wait for their meal to come to them. This meal had better be a good one or they will just let it go by.

A fisherman can crank a spinner bait or a surface lure all day and he will catch zoomies all day. He will leave feeling good after catching about fifteen of them and as far as he's concerned, there are no big Pike here. That big Pike just won't come up for a lure. One must take that meal to him.

These big ones also travel differently then smaller ones. These fish will relate to something when traveling. In my case that old creek bed is just the ticket. This is where I will serve that meal. I will just put it there and wait for my dream fish to come along.

How I Caught The Big One Knowing that I'm going to be fishing over head from a bridge, I had to come up with a way of knowing where that meal was at all times. So I designed what I call my "breakaway special" and the rest is history.

Note - Paul's "Breakway Special" is a method of suspending a live bait at a specific depth above the bottom until the big one hits.

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