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Catching Northern Pike In Lakes

What To Use and Where To Fish To Catch Northern Pike In Lakes


Sam Palmer and Big Northern Pike

Sam Palmer and Big Northern Pike

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Northern Pike are normally caught fishing in lakes since they like shallow, weed filled waters. They are common in northern US states and across the northwest, living in cooler waters. They can not survive very far south where lake water gets very warm in the summer.

Pike are often caught in the winter while ice fishing.

They grow big and some people eat them, but the small bones in them make problems for many.

Where To Find Northern Pike in Lakes

Shallow weed filled bays are the typical habitat of Northern Pike but they do live in deeper water, especially in the fall and winter. Catching them in shallow water is fun since they often jump and splash on the surface. Bigger pike can sometimes be caught in deeper water so if you want a trophy it is a good idea to look for them in deeper holes and channels in lakes. If there is a deep weedline it will hold pike, often big ones.

Baits To Use Fishing For Northern Pike In Lakes

Spoons, spinnerbaits, and in-line spinners are traditional pike lures but they will hit topwater baits, crankbaits and even plastic worms. Any kind of minnow will draw a hit from a pike. You should fish the size bait appropriate for the size fish that are present where you fish. A medium size bait will catch most sizes of pike, but for trophy fish go with big baits.

Tackle To Use Fishing For Northern Pike In Lakes

For small pike go with medium action spinning and baitcasting tackle. Braided line is good since you will be fishing around weeds a lot. Some folks use a wire leader to avoid getting their line cut by the teeth of pike, but when using spinnerbaits, in-line spinners and similar baits you are less likely to get your line near the teeth. A wire leader tends to lower the number of bites you get.

You might want to add other things to your tackle box when fishing for pike, since they have teeth!

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