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The methods, or techniques, used in freshwater fishing are many and varied. How you fish depends upon the species pursued, the type of water body you’re fishing in, and the equipment you’re using. We try to uncomplicate this in the Techniques section with articles about such general subjects as light tackle fishing, fly fishing, float fishing, chumming, drift fishing,  and trolling, as well as articles about techniques that are specific to angling for certain species or fishing under particular conditions. Check back often as we’re constantly adding and improving content. 
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Catching Bass in Early Spring
Largemouth bass, water temperature, early spring, slow retrieve

Topwater Lures
Fishing topwater lures is fun and productive

Catching Fish In Brackish Water
Catching fish in brackish water.

Where You Should Fish A Jig and Pig
Where you should fish a jig and pig

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