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What Is Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear Is For Fishing


Jigging Spoons

Jigging spoons - note the split ring and swivels on some.

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What is fishing gear? Most fishermen think of fishing gear as rods, reels, tackle and line. But it can also include depthfinders, nets, anchors, boats and motors, needlenose pliers and many more things.

Fishing gear is basically anything you take with you fishing that helps you enjoy the sport. It can be something that the fish hits, something that makes you more comfortable or something that helps you get to the fish.

Many fishermen go by the KISS method - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Others take as much fishing gear as they can carry in their boat and truck. Most are somewhere in between those extremes.

Most of us have some fishing gear we would not leave home without, because it has worked in the past and we consider it lucky, because we need it to get where we are going or to be able to fish as long as we want.

Depending on what kind of fishing you are doing gear varies. Ice fishing requires different gear than bass tournament fishing.

Choose your fishing gear and get on the water!

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