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Secret Weapon Buzz Bait

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Buzzbait From Secret Weapon Lures

Buzzbait From Secret Weapon Lures

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The Bottom Line

The Secret Weapon Buzz Bait is a quality made lure that pops to the surface quickly and runs straight even at high speeds. Its unique blade attachment design means it acts a little differently that other traditional buzz baits with trailer blade attached.


  • Runs Straight At High Speed Retreive
  • Pops To Surface Quickly
  • Three Sizes Available
  • Four Models Availabe
  • Can Add A Trailer Blade


  • Hard To Find In Stores


  • Buzz bait with unusual blade attachment design
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Sharp hooks

Guide Review - Secret Weapon Buzz Bait

I received a Secret Weapon Buzz Bait to test at a tournament. It is a well made lure that has an unusual blade attachment design, as do all Secret Weapon lures. The blade attachment allows you to attach a small trailer blade behind the big blade. This gives the buzz bait a little different look and sound when fished on top of the water. it also allows for a quick trailer blade change on the water.

The hooks are sharp and heavy enough to handle big fish. All the components are quality made and I had no problems with any aspect of the bait.

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