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Fishing Product Reviews Library - Product Reviews Sent In By Readers

Fishing Ptoduct Reviews By Category


The following is a list of groups of fishing products. Reviews by About.com readers of those products are indexed to make it easier for you to check them out. To review a product, email me your review or post it to the forum. Please include specific name of the item, company that makes it and if you work for them or if it was given to you as a promotion! Please include your name! All the following reviews are by About.com readers

Plugs, Spinnerbaits and Plastics, Line and Terminal Tackle
All kinds of artificial baits both hard and soft! From Shadraps to Hummer Hawg Worms! Also line and hooks, sinkers and related terminal tackle.

Rods and Reels
Which ones work best and are ones you can count on for the long haul.

Guides, Outfitters and Charters
Have a great experience on your dream trip? Or did it turn in to a nightmare? Share your experiences!

Boats, Motors and Related Items
Models that hold up and those that blow up! Depthfinders, motor oil, temperature gauges, all boat equipment.

Clothing and Outerwear
What will keep you dry or warm, looking good in the weigh-in line to comfortable while fishing

Books and Magazines
Old favorites and new classics!

Fishing Collectables -coming soon - send in your review!
What makes an item valuable and why it is desirable

Miscellaneous Fishing Products -coming soon - send in your review!
Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else!

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