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Welcome to the Miscellany section. If it’s a topic that doesn’t fit neatly into others sections of this site, you’ll find it here. Subjects like taxidermy, seasickness, safety, boating, tackle collecting, the history of recreational fishing, records and feats, manmade fish attractors, the affect of noise (sound) in water and its impact on fishing, removing a hook from an angler, hiring a guide or charter boat, traveling with tackle, fish-predicting tables, etc. It’s a potpourri of angling-related matters, dealt with authoritatively. Check back often as we’re constantly adding and improving content.
  1. Ice Fishing (51)

A Primer on Fishing Regulations
regulations, limit, size limit, creel limit, slot limit, catch-and-release, release

Record Largemouth Bass a Master-ful Catch
largemouth bass, world record, George Perry, The Masters, Montgomery Lake.

Have Kayak, Will Fish
Practical Info on Kayak Fishing and Gear

Reasons You Are Not Catching Fish
I can always come up with a bunch of reasons I am not catching fish.

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