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Yellow Perch Fact Sheet

Information About Yellow Perch


Ice fishing yellow perch

Brian Knippers caught this white perch in a snow storm. When those low pressure systems roll through the fish always become active. Later my buddy Ryan and I were fishing in white out conditions and we couldn't see each other 20 feet apart checking traps.

2008 Brian Knippers licensed to About.com
Yellow perch (Perca flavescens (picture) are closely related to walleye and are very good to eat. They are widespread and relatively easy to catch year round. Many anglers target them for food and some stock up on them when they make their spawning run. They tend to stack up below dams on some rivers and you can fill your freezer if you hit it right.

  • Description - Yellow perch are bullet shaped with a yellow body and six to eight dark vertical bars from the back almost to the belly.
  • Size - Most yellow perch are small, with the average size caught by anglers weighing less than one pound. The world record weighed four pounds, three ounces and was caught in New Jersey in 1865.
  • Distribution - Yellow perch are widespread in the northern US and Canada and have been stocked through-out the US.
  • What Yellow Perch Eat- Yellow perch will eat anything, from insects to small minnows. They can be caught on almost any live bait like small minnows, worms and grubs. They will also hit small jigs, spoons, flies and spinners.
  • Reproduction - Yellow perch females deposit their eggs on underwater vegetation and wood. They often run upstream to spawn in moving water. They are prolific, with adult females laying over 10,000 eggs.
  • Attraction to Light- Yellow perch will come to lights to feed on bugs and minnows attracted to teh light.
  • Life Cycle - Yellow perch eggs hatch in about two weeks and males reach maturity in one to three years. For females, maturity is reached in two to three years.
  • Problems - Yellow perch may over crowd small bodies of water and become stunted. They provide food for many predator fish so they are not problems in most waters.
  • Forum Discussion - See my response to a forum post and add your own about yellow perch
  • Yellow perch are widespread and good to eat. They provide forage for many other species of fish and are easy to catch on live bait and artificials.

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