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Fishermen's Side of the Anti-Fishing Controversy

Factual informaion to fight against the anti-fishing fanatics.

Fishing Ban
Some animal rights groups want to ban fishing

Fish Are Sea Kittens?
PETA makes another silly claim, this one that fish are the same as kittens

CARP_Org : CafePress.com
CARP = Carnivores Are Real People. This site sells clothing that shows a pan of fish filets frying and says "Hey PETA - Carnivores Are Real People and We Deserve Respect" They say they donate some of their profits to anti PETA groups.

PETA Protests Fishing for the Bassmaster's Classic
PETA puts up a billboard for the Classic and wants newspapers to stop running outdoor columns like fishing and hunting articles.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Occasionally we receive writing from our readers that we believe is significant enough to share with our readers. When we received this from Gregg Kay earlier this week, we knew this was one of those stories we had to share. Our thanks to Mr. Kay for letting us - and you - know that we must remain vigilant when dealing with animal rights groups.

Animal Rights Group and Law School Team Up
Does a law school and an animal rights group teaming up mean trouble for fishing?

Animal Rights Terrorists Caught
Animal rights terrorists arrested by FBI after being caught by local police for shoplifting.

PETA's Efforts to Ban Fishing
Jim Shepard, The Outdoor Wire, gives information about PETA's efforts to ban fishing. They won't give up, it is time for us to fight back.

No Pain No Gain for Fishermen Opposing PETA
Worms don't feel pain, but that fact will not affect PETA's opposition to fishing.

Does Your Vote Affect Fishing?
Will the winner of the presidential election affect fishing?

Petition to Revoke PETA's Tax Exempt Status
PETA has tax exempt status and uses its donations for illegal activities, according to this petition to revolk that status.

Another Petition to Recind PETA's Tax Exempt Status
Read this info about PETA and how they cause problems for you, then consider signing their petition.

Hook, Line and Thinker Book Review
Review of Alexander Schwab's great book on fishing and animal rights.

People Eating Tasty Animals
Great site for those who oppose the animal rights flakes. If you think animal rights folks are kind and nice, read the hate mail generated by making fun of them.

Leave Country Sports Alone
UK site opposing the animal rights fanatics

About Your Fishing Rights
From Saltwater Guide Ron Brooks - will these groups make it illegal to fish?

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