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Crappie Fishing Information

Crappie Fishing


Fall Crappie From My Pond

I caught this nice 13 ounce crappie from my pond on October 1.

2006 Ronnie Garrison licensed to About.com
Crappie are prolific, fun to catch and great to eat. There are black and white crappie that are very similar and often live in the same waters. Crappie can be found in many lakes, rivers and ponds across North America and have been transplanted to other places, too.

Crappie Fact Sheet - Information about black and white crappie, where they live, record sizes and more. This quick reference sheet will give you basic information on crappie.

Crappie Picture Gallery - Pictures of crappie and the fishermen that caught them. Send in your picture to add to the gallery. So far the biggest in the gallery is a 3 pound, 4 ounce Virginia crappie. There is a picture of it and the replica mount done of it.

Crappie Fishing Tactics - Tips on catching crappie at Clarks Hill Lake in Georgia. These methods should work where you live. There are five pages to this article and information ranges from finding where the crappie are holding to what kind of bait to use for them.

Crappie Heaven - Jim Pope tells of a secret crappie fishing hole that really paid off for him. No matter where you fish you can find great spots like this and catch fish from them.

Crappie Fishing Survey - How biologists learn about the populations of crappie in a lake. Have you ever wondered how the biologists come up with population data for a lake? Here is how they do it.

Crappie Fishing In Lake Talquin, Florida - I enjoyed a trip to an amazing crappie fishing lake. We trolled for crappie with a spider rig, something you can do from your boat. It is a very effective way of catching crappie.

Alabama Crappie - An Alabama fisheries biologist shares info on crappie in his state. Why do they have a size limit when many states don't? Where are the best lakes in the state?

Crappie Fishing At Christmas - Winter is a great time to catch crappie and these tactics should work anywhere the water stays soft on top. The ways I catch crappie in the winter should help you where you live and you can even adapt them to fishing through the ice.

Crappie Resources - Links to crappie fishing sites, articles and more. You should be able to find any kind of information you want on crappie and fishing for them in this group of links.

If you have never caught crappie, you have missed a great time. Give these tips a try. Let me know how you do.

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