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Kansas Flathead Catfish Fishing Story

Catching A Big Kansas Flathead

By ksframer2

Flathead Catfish from Kansas

Kansas Flathead Yellow Cat

Kansas is a great place to fish but its kinda cold at the moment in the spring, waiting for the ice to break on Mill Creek. Most properties around here are privately owned so finding a spot to fish can be difficult. I have just moved here recently to a little town called Maple Hill. Spent most of my life fishing on the Walkarusa River now I found a spot in the woods that is fed by streams and shallow waters that have deep holes within them trapping big cats there.

There is nothing like bending a Berkley seven foot catfish pole with a Penn reel on it and breaking 30 pound Spider Wire more than four times a week. Better things happened when I changed over to Fire Line.

I have pictures that I don't show to many people, I don't want to give up my spot down in the woods. After recently reading the Catfish In-Sider magazine I didn't realize so many people were in to catfish like me. My biggest fish last year got away after a 45 minute fight but two hours later I brought in a 40 pound Yellow Cat (flathead) at 10 minutes till 12. I decided it was time to go home last but I had four night crawlers on my hook decided to throw in one more time.

My lantern was sputtering out with me having a long way out of the woods with just a Mag light. Too many rocks tp walk sfely. So finally I was sitting there with just the flash light on my pole. No bites. I stood up twisted my pole to the left and was getting ready to reel in when my pole bent over to the handle.

Full of excitement I fought him into the shallow waters and walked out in the water waist deep while he was bumping into my ankles. Following the line down with my right hand I reached in the water up to my shoulder trying to put my palm on the top of his head

To my surprise I realized he was BIGGER than 30 pounds! Sticking my pole under my left arm pit I put a masons wool glove on my right hand. I heard a story on a job site from and old plumber who told me the next time I catch a big fish to make a fist and tap the catfish on the lower lip. As I did the catfish snapped on my fist like a turtle.

Jerking and splashing I started walking back up to the bank Standing there in the dark with a two foot Mag light hanging out of my mouth and the fish let go as soon as I reached the rocks. There he was! Came home that night wanting to weigh him. Tired from the fight, I stuck him in the bath tub. Next day pictures were taken at a bait shop.

As I returned to my fishing spot two days later I ran into a man who said he caught my fish. With a smiling face I asked him what did he mean for he is the only one that I see in my spot in the summer. The man looked at me and asked if I saw the picture of the fish under mine at the bait store? The day after I lost the fish he pulled in a 58 pounder, still had my hook and a foot long piece of the fluorescent yellow 50 pound Fire Line that I had used. He said to me "You're the only one I've ever seen with that on a reel."

So here's the one that didn't get away.

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