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Bass Tournament Fishing

Win In Bass Tournament Fishing


Scott Suggs became the first bass tournament fisherman to win one million dollars in a single tournament in early August, 2007. The sport has come a long way from wooden jon boats on ponds where fishermen tried to land dinner.

Some don't like the changes in bass fishing, but the wonderful thing is everyone can choose how they want to fish and still take advantage of the advancements in tackle and equipment.

Without bass tournament fishing we might still be paddling around heavy wooden boats, casting reels with no level wind, drag system or free spool on steel rods and using hooks that are not very sharp. If you want to do that you still can, or you can choose a light aluminum boat moved by a quiet electric motor and cast amazingly smooth free spool reels with level wind and great drag systems.

Bass tournament fishing has come a long way from the early days of it in the late 1960s when Ray Scott started them. Now few fish are killed and tournament pros are heros with kids seeking their autographs. Big lakes buzz with high powered bass boats daily.

But every state has smaller waters where motors are restricted to electric or small outboards only. And rivers can still be floated in canoes.

Choose the kind of bass fishing you want to do but don't cuss tournament pros for winning a lot of money. They have driven the advances you use every time you go fishing.

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