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Carolina Rigs for Spring Fishing -

Spring Fishing with Carolina Rigs


Big Early April Lake Guntersville Bass

Big Early April Lake Guntersville Bass

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When the fish move to the shallows one of the best ways to catch them is fishing a Carolina Rig. There are some very important rigging keys that will make a difference. So pay close attention to how you rig it, since in the early spring it will mean the difference in catching fish.

This time of year the bass are fairly shallow and there is no need to overweight your rig. I wouldn’t rig anything heavier than a ¼ oz. weight. You want the rig to be able to move over a shallow bottom and generally that means stumps and some short grass to pull it through, so a heavy weight is just overkill.

The next and maybe most important key is leader length. Don’t make it very long, 18 inches at most. You're fishing shallow and there is very little grass so all you need is a long enough leader to just give the bait some action. Also, believe it or not, I have seen people use way to big of a swivel and big swivel causes hang-ups on and around wood, so keep it relatively small. Don’t use gold color, the little gold swivel sometimes causes the bream to notice your bait and they will bite at you swivel and aggravate you to death making you think your getting bites.

Lastly, rigging it correctly also means fishing the bait like a Carolina rig should be fished. This means pulling the line and rod parallel with the bottom, so the weight stays in contact with the bottom. This will make the bait move up and down from the pulling movement and create a great target for the bass. A Carolina rig pulled through the stumps and spawning beds is a a great fish catcher and a easy rig to fish.

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