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Hooks for Bass Fishing

What are the best hooks for bass fishing?


Hooks For Bass Fishing

Hook variety

2007 Ronnie Garrison licensed to About.com
/od/bassfishing/a/aa010603a.htm Hooks for bass fishing with plastic worms come in a bewildering array of sizes, shapes, styles and prices. Some have barbs to hold he worm up on the shank, others have bends or small shafts near the eye. You can even find hooks that have curved or kinked shafts to make the hook rotate and penetrate the roof of the bass's mouth.

J-Shapped Worm Hooks For Bass Fishing

For many years I have used hooks with an L-shaped bend in the shaft below the eye of the hook. That works well for me, holding the worm straight on the hook and keeping the head of the worm from sliding down the shaft while fishing. I don't like the styles with little barbs near the eye since they often cut my hand, and don't seem to do as good a job holding the worm.

Picture of Hooks For Bass Fishing To The Right

From Top: #1 straight shank light wire, same in heavy wire, 1/0 wide gap light wire offset, 1/0 light wire regular gap offset, heavy wire regular gap offset, heavy wire 3/0 Texposer offset, 2/0 light wire wide gap offset, 2/0 heavy wire wide gap offset, 3/0 light wire wide gap offset.

Toothpick A Hook For Bass Fishing

Sometimes I do use a straight shaft hook, and when I do I will often stick a toothpick through the eye of the hook after putting the worm on it. When cut off even with either side of the worm it will hold the head of the worm in place.

Hook Size For Bass Fishing

Many people like real big worm hooks but I usually stick with #1, 1/0 and 2/0. The smaller ones are used with mini-lizards and finesse worms, the middle size with six inch worms and the bigger ones with six and seven inch lizards. I do keep some 5/0 hooks to use when fishing huge 10 inch worms or big 8 inch lizards.

Thin Wire Hooks for Bass Fishing

I like a thin wire hook rather than heavy wire. I think they work better and help me hook the fish, but I go to heavier wire on the bigger hooks, especially when flipping. The heavier hooks hold up better to a lot of pressure.

Varying Sizes in Hooks For Bass Fishing

Different hooks vary in size a lot. A 2/0 wide bend hook will be much bigger than a 2/0 L bend hook. And some brands have bigger hooks in the same sizes as other companies smaller hooks in that size. Check different brands and compare before buying.

Sharpen Hooks For Bass Fishing

Many people pay a lot extra for super sharp hooks. I find that by keeping a file in my boat I can save money and still have super sharp hooks. And by sharpening my hooks while fishing, I can keep them sharp after bumping rocks. No matter how sharp a hook starts out it will not stay sharp all day while fishing.

Try a variety of hooks to see what works best for you. Let me know why you use the hooks you do. What do you like about them? Why do they work for you?

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