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Winter Spinner Bait Fishing

Fishing A Spinnerbait In The Winter


Nice Lake Guntersville Bass

Nice Lake Guntersville Bass

2008 Captain Mike Gerry licensed to About.com
My favorite time of year along with my favorite bait, spinner bait fishing; it just doesn’t get any better than that. Year after year big fish are caught in the winter rolling big ¾ oz. to 1 oz. Punisher’s Spinner Baits along the ledges. The time is nearly here again as soon as we get on the other side of the winter solstice, we are there and I am there with them! If you like to slow roll a spinner bait and have a chance to catch the fish of a lifetime January and February is it and I can’t wait!

The fact is that the Guntersville record of 14.8 lbs. was caught on a spinner bait in February of 1991 and I expect this year someone doing the same presentation will challenge that record. Punisher’s Spinner baits are just the ticket, they have noisy dual willow leaf blades, the ¾ to 1 oz. is strong and the balance you have bouncing this bait off the bottom as you roll it is superb. You can’t get Punisher Spinner Baits to rollover, you can bounce it, drop it, yank it and it will run true!

This year Punisher is coming out with a new color that I believe will even be better than my favorite watermelon color. I worked with Stephen Hedrick to come out with a Guntersville Royal Shad; the skirt will be white, gray and purple, with a purple and white head and a red and gold set of blades. The royal shad color as we all know has been a big fish catcher on Guntersville for years and I expect this to live up to all expectations. Punisher is also coming out with a peanut butter and jelly color and I also have great expectations for it.

Spinner bait time is nearly here, the days are going to begin to get longer and the big Guntersville hogs will be on display. Big fish time of year is coming and the Punisher Spinner Bait bite will be here with it!

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