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Tying Knots - Freshwater Fishing

Info On Tying Fishing Knots


The only thing connecting you to a fish you hook is your line, so choosing a good one is important. Just as important is the only thing that keeps your line connected to the hook holding the fish, your knot. No matter how good your line is, a bad knot will lose fish for you. Poorly tied knots have probably lost more fish than any other one factor, except maybe frayed line.

Learn to tie a good knot. Choose from several, such as the improved clinch, Trilene knot, Palamor and others. Sometimes one knot works better for different lines. Check out several and pick one you like. Learn the basic rules of tying good knots and then practice until you get it consistent. Make sure your knot holds before taking a chance on loosing that record fish!

If you need a constant reminder to tie good knots, you might want to check out screen saver software that will make you think of knots anytime you look at your computer screen while the saver is on. The most important time to remember to tie a good knot is while you are fishing!

Many years ago a line salesman was demostrating how good his line was with a line break machine at a local sporting goods store. He was one of those people who I took an immediate dislike to, for some reason. It did not help that he was hyping a brand of line that I did not use.

He kept telling me I should use his brand line, saying it was better than the brand I liked. I told him I never had trouble with my favorite. He finally bet me his line was so good that my knot would be the point where the connection broke with his machine.

Three times in a row I tied an improved clinch knot with his brand of line, and three times the line broke well above the knot, at just a little higher then the pound test stated for the line. He was shocked. I still use the other brand line!

Pick a knot and stick with it. Learning to tie a good one consistently is the most important thing!

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