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Fishing Rods

Information On Fishing Rods


Roberts Wrap Fishing Rod

Roberts Wrap Fishing Rod

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Fishing rods come in a huge variety of lengths and types, from spinning fishing rods to casting fishing rods. They may have pistol grips to straight grips. Add fishing rods vary in power, which is the stiffness of the rod, and action, which is how much of the rod bends and how fast, so you can get confused. Here is some information on how to choose a fishing rod, including links to some manufacturers and custom rod information.

Choosing A Fishing Rod

Repairing A Fishing Rod

Rods break and they can't be fixed. But rod tips and guides can be replaced and you can continue to use the rod. It is a good idea to carry a small repair kit with thread, ferrule cement, a lighter and a selection of rod guides and tips in your tackle box.

Fishing Rod Reviews

I have fished with many rods over the years and have my favorites. The rods below all serve a specific need for me and I am still using all of them. All have good points and bad points. If you can, borrow a rod or go fishing with someone and use their rods to see what works best for you. The choice of a rod is a very personal thing and what works for me may not be the best choice for you. As you can see, some readers like some specific rods and have sent in reviews to post.

Readers also have favorite rods and have sent in reviews of them. Some of the following reviews were done by fishermen on the pro staff of the rod companies, others were by individuals that bought the rods and liked them. Add your rod reccomendations in the User Answer section below or send them in to be posted.

And finally, a fishing rod joke from Bill Jones

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