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Fishing News - 2/16/01

Lake Weiss Fishing Report

DATE: 2-16-01
FULL POOL: 564.0

CRAPPIE: The crappie fishing has BUSTED wide open.  We have had temperatures up to 80*F this week and the Season has KICKED off.  We have had large numbers of stringers coming in daily.  The fish are coming in from trolling.  Hot color has been blue/blue/blue.  We are now on the pre-spawn pattern.  Fish are being caught in approx. 20 ft. of water 6-8 feet down.  However, as the afternoon warms they have even com up so shallow that they do not show on your depth finder.   

A cold front is expected to come through, however, this will just make the fish go a little deeper. Troll about 40 feet behind your boat.  Suggest you start out with rods rigged with different combinations of weights of jigs. (Example: Rig 1 with 1 1/16/ , 1 with 1 1/16, 1 with 1 1/32 & 1 1/16 1nd 1 with 2 1/32.When you start to catch fish then change over to all rods with same rig.  This will help you locate the depth that your jigs are running.  Remember, a crappie will come up for a bait but will not go down for one.  The cold front is not expected to last however even if it stays cooler, you can catch fish with just stable temps even if it is cool now that they have come out to their pre-spawn pattern.  They are HUNGRY!!

BASS: Very slow


STRIPE: Spotty


Hey Guys Crappie season has begun! :-)

Also, PLEASE be careful on the lake as we are not at full pool (which arrives sometime in May, generally).

Also, I live on the lake and if anyone has any trouble finding place to clean fish you are more than welcome! I have a complete fish cleaning station (water, electricity, etc.) on my dock and anyone is more than welcome.
As always do not hesitate to give me an email or call whether you need a guide or not. Be glad to help with any type of information for you. GOOD FISHING!!!!

Steve www.lakeweissguideservice.com 256-927-6617

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