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          Snapping Turtles
          by Doug Darr

My father-in-law almost always gets a resident common snapping turtle in his
one-acre pond during the summer. One night this summer, I was fishing a
chugger-type topwater lure. I cast along face of the dam on the far side of
some large rocks I had put in the pond. After letting the lure sit for
several seconds, something took it.. 

The strike was not the loud like a small fish would do, so I was hoping for a big bass. It did not fight like a regular fish, but I was still hoping it would be a big bass that refused to admit she was hooked. As I fought it closer to me, my hopes diminished.  I realized I had a turtle and would have to figure out how to unhook it.

I decided to take it to the house for some witnesses and pictures. Holding
it by the tail is safe, as long as your arm does not tire from holding it
out from the side of your body. As I walked to the house, the lure just
dropped out. At least I had some luck fishing (for fish) that night.

Doug Darr, Aquatic Education Coordinator
Alabama's Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries

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