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"Anybody else go fishing during the Christmas Holidays? Any good memories to share?"
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A fishing trip at Christmas has been one of my favorite things for many years.  I usually spend one to two weeks at the lake during the holidays, so my trips are long enough to really learn how to catch fish there.

Dressing warmly is one of the most important things about a trip this time of year here in middle Georgia.  Although I have fished barefooted and shirtless on Christmas Eve, usually my insulated underwear and snowmobile suit are very welcome.  And good insulated boots are a necessity!

Crappie, bass and hybrids are my  usual targets.  Hybrids are stocked at Clark's Hill every year and I have learned to take advantage of them.  They hit live and artificial bait and are just about the hardest pulling fish in fresh water.  I have lucked into a few stripers, too, and they pull even harder!

Some years I have caught large numbers of bass, some years I have caught big bass but few in number, but one year I was able to catch several big bass.  That trip will always stand out in my memory!  And they seemed easy to catch, all I had to do was run the bank with a Shadrap.

Crappie are one of my favorite this time of year.  Often if you can find a standing tree, you can drop a jig down to them and catch all you want.  And I have gotten into some big ones doing that. Few fish taste better when scaled and fried!

There is some danger to fishing this time of year.  With heavy boots and thick clothes, you will not survive long if you fall out of the boat. I almost always fish by myself and have thought about that happening many times.  As I get older, I see the wisdom of wearing a lifejacket at all times.  It should give me a few more minutes to save myself - if you fish by yourself during the winter,  you should wear one!

Give Christmas fishing a try.  You may have to drill a hole in the ice, but what could be better than spending time catching fish during the holidays?

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