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Holiday Patterns

The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas has always been a great time for me. I get to fish a lot, the fish are usually biting, and it is not too cold in middle Georgia to enjoy being on the lake. Others like fishing this time of year, too!

I caught a big bass one Thanksgiving Day while my family ate turkey. Dean Stroman says this is a good month to catch a big bass in Texas, too! Bass are usually easy to pattern, and fish go on a feeding spree for predictable biological reasons. The Bass Coach, Roger Lee Brown, has very set patterns to finding fish. It helps to choose the right bait, and Jody Holubek can help you.

Walleye bite good in the fall, and you can find them on a weed pattern this time of year. Salmon bite in New York at Lake George, and I catch other fish in Georgia, too.

Yesterday, Sunday, November 22, I caugth five keeper spotted bass at Lanier in a club tournament and won with 8 pounds, 2 ounces. They all hit either a white spinnerbait or white Roostertail on wind blown rocky points on a day a bad cold front came through. Conditions were about as bad as possible, but I still had a good catch.

The only thing you can do wrong this time of year is staying home!


Cold Weather, Hot Baits
Jody Holubek tells how to choose the right lure for winter bass.

Fall Fishing Patterns
From Scott Patton and Fishing.com, how to catch bass in the fall.

Fall Fishing with the Bass Coach - Guide and fishing teacher Roger Lee Brown tells how to pattern bass in the fall.

Fall Patterns
Ronald F. Dodson, Ph.D. tells why fish go on a feeding spree in the fall, and where to find them.

Fall Patterns
Fall is one of my favorite times to go fishing - here are some patterns that work for me.

Fall Walleyes
Mike McClelland explains fall walleye fishing, from Walleye Central.

Fall Weed Pattern
Sam Anderson tells how to catch fall walleye in the weeds.

Lake George, NY
Fall fishing report shows salmon are feeding in November.

Late Fall/November Fishing Patterns
This is a good time to catch bass, crappie and hybrids in my area. Here are some good patterns to try.

My Favorite Time of Year
John E. Brady tells why fall fishing is his favorite.

Thanksgiving Memories
Fishing, not eating turkey, is what I remember about this holiday.

Winter Big Bass Tactics
Dean Stroman says November and December are good months to catch big bass in Texas.

Any comments on fishing during the holidays? Tell me about any experiences you have. Do you have a favorite pattern or kind of fish to catch? Do you have any stories about it? If so, you can also post information about it for others on my message board - you must register to post but can read the board as a guest. Also, if you have a story about fishing this time of year, let me know about it at fishing@aboutguide.com. for a "Fishtale"or discuss it in the chat room on every night at 8:00 EST. Tell others what you like.

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