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T.V. Fishing Shows from I to Z

Dateline: 06/16/97

Here are the rest of the television fishing shows. As I said last week, there are many interesting fishing shows on national networks and even more on state and local stations. Some are excellent, others just good, but all will teach you something about catching fish if you watch. Saturday and Sunday are the most popular days for these shows but some can be found during the week.

In-Fisherman - Al Linder produces a show with the same name as his flagship magazine. Many different species are sought and tips on how to catch them are an integral part of the show. Trip information is often given.

Jimmy Houston Outdoors - Jimmy Houston made a name for himself in the early days of the bass tournament trails. He was known for his fast fishing and covering water with spinnerbaits in the 1970's. At an Atlanta Boat Show in the 1970's, he said the other pros called him "Swimmin' Jim" because he stood on the very front of the boat and moved so fast he often hit stumps and fell out of the boat. He gets excited every fish he catches and his enthusiasm is contagious, even over the air. He kisses every fish he catches.

North American Outdoors - The TV version of the magazine. Includes hunting and fishing programs. They were fishing for trout in Finland in a recent show so it is not limited to just North America.

One More Cast - Host Shaw Grigsby is one of the nicest pros on the bass circuit. His informative shows are helpful to any fisherman and are filled with tips and fishing suggestions.  One of my favorites!

Outdoor Trails - Includes all outdoor sports but fishing shows up often. Will cover any species and any place.

Outdoors - May also be listed as Suziki Great Outdoors - Hosted by Larry Csonka, this show usually focuses on hunting but also includes some fishing. Csonka teams up with professional guides and professional sports stars for shows.

Outdoors with Fuzzy Zoeller - Pro golfer Zoeller fishes many different places with a different fishing guide or pro sports star. Although this show may be discontinued due to Zoeller's foot-in-mouth disease, it was still airing several weeks after the controversy over his comments about a fellow golfer.

Southern Outdoors - Hunting and fishing mainly in the south but they adventure far afield - and alake - for their quarry.

Sportsman Challenge - Lonnie Stanley, tackle manufacturer and Doug Hannon, fishing expert take you to many different locations for different species. Many of their programs center on bass.

These are my highly personal evaluations and comments. You have your own opinions of these shows if you have ever watched or can form your own now. If you disagree with me, share your opinion of the shows at fishing@aboutguide.com, and let me know of any others you would like listed in the events calendar at the same address.

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