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Fishing Product Reviews - Rods and Reels
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"I want  your reviews, too!"

The following rod and reels have been reviewed by other fishermen or me.  To review a rod or reel, email me your review or post it to the forum. Please include specific name of the rod or reel, company that makes it and if you work for them or if it was given to you as a promotion! Please include your name!

Castaway Rod by Ronnie Garrison

Ambassadeur 5500 C3 by R. Lance Saylor

Bass Pro Shops Bionic Blades - by William Woods

G-Loomis Crankbait Series Rods - By Phil Williams

FFO - Fisherman's Factory Outlet - by Mike Amundson

FFO - Fisherman's Factory Outlet - by Fritz Nordengren

Cabelas and St. Croix Rod Building Kit by Fritz Nordengren

The Rod Belt - By Deb Kelly

Ambassadeur 5500 C3 by Dick Saylor

Ambassadeur 5501 C3 by Kris

Ambassadeur 5500 C3 by Jack Gaither

Bass Pro Tournament MTl-1 Reel by Jack Gaither

Shakespeare Wonderpole - by Fritz Nordengren

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