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How to Spool Line on Casting Reels

Put line on a casting reel right, and it will cast better and last longer

Difficulty Level: Easy      Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Pull old line off reel thu line guides until you have enough room on spool for new line
  2. Always leave some line from spool through rod guides and past end of rod to tie new line to
  3. Tie new line to end of old line with two clinch knots
  4. Put pencil through holes in new line spool
  5. Have someone hold pencil or hold it between your feet
  6. Make sure line comes off new line spool in the same direction it will go on the new spool
  7. Hold line tight with left hand just above reel
  8. Reel line onto reel slowly, making sure it is spooled tightly


  1. Don't fill whole spool, you usually need only about 50 yards of line for most fishing. Save money.
  2. Measure amount of line put on spool for each reel handle turn or pass of line guide to know how much line you are putting on reel.

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