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Readers Respond: Are Freshwater Drum Good To Eat?

Responses: 48


I have never tried to eat a freshwater drum since they don't live where I fish. Many say they are not good to eat. Do you agree or disagree? Share your experiences with eating freshwater drum here.

Drum ARE good to eat.

They can be cooked so many different ways. And the 6.17 lb one I caught this morning will be cooked at least two of them.
—Guest Diane H

Avid fisherman

I have eaten a lot of drum(white perch) and I love them. When I was young we just scaled them and cut off heads but much better filleted.
—Guest J.O.H.

Eating fresh water drums

My experience with eating fresh water drums has always been to my satisfaction i catch em out at da river the meat is very clean very white n almost taste like bass. I don't fillet em I stake em up and deep fat fry em in my favorite season or my favorite thing to do is steam em in a pot w onions,Roma tomatoes , green peppers etc. overall drums are very good eating
—Guest Island spice

Freshwater drum

Typically I don't like to eat fish, but love the sport of fishing and I do eat freshwater drum. I'm not sure why some posters on this article are commenting saying how drum is so tough and oily? I haven't experienced that throughout the many years I have been fishing? I also had to laugh at what a previous poster, Trevor stated. He said that drum are disqusting bottom feeders and classified them in the same category as coon possum and etc. Apparently he doesn't know how his food is grown and prepared before he buys it at the super market and consumes it. I would trust a dirty filthy possum over market porkchops or a steak any day.
—Guest maria

eating drum

Drum are an excellant eating fish they have a mild flavor and firm flacky flesh in fact they are served in resataunts under the names perch and lake perch
—Guest cat hunter


I caught a big enough one of these that I could prepared it in every way I could want and man did it deliver. I sliced the first fillet up and breaded it and fried it, delicious. I saved the ribs bc there was so much meat on them and I threw them straight on the grill with some meat seasoning. The ribs were quite large and slid out easily after cooking leaving a nice slab of meat. Then I took the final fillet and seasoned it with garlic salt, cayenne, pepper, diced onions, sliced tomatoes, and lemon and lime juice and baked it in a foil pack. Delicious. Each time I was impressed.it has a consistency more like animal meat and is more rubbery than normal fish, but in a good way. And it did not taste fishy.
—Guest helloall

nice experience

I just hooked into one of these for the first time today in my kayak and man do they fight hard! It pulled out almost all the line on my reel (the plastic was showing through ) it was a blast and I look forward to tasting it. I can also say that the person who caught the two footer that weighed 10-14 lbs is full of crap. My drum measured 23.5 inches and was 6lbs
—Guest imaguest


Drum fish is one of the best fresh water fish. I will trade in Bass, Perch & Walleye for Drum fish. Drum is very easy to clean, easier than Perch, Walleye or Bass and taste AWESOME! I breaded Drum with corn flour mix with spices, salt & fry em up, yum yum! Try it and you tell me that I'm lying?

Drums are good

Of course is is a bottomfeeder, but if you arent against that, then go for it. I have eaten possum, racoon, mice, etc.... I dont see a problem with it when youre hungry enough...
—Guest Appalachian

Called thae Fresh Water Drum: Why

In the nite time Fresh Water Drum lay sideways at the shore line. If you walk down the shore line at nite you can hear the sound of the Drum as it makes a very low drum like sound. The drum has a stone in it's temple much like a pearl. How and why it does this I am still not sure but this is exactly what they do. My daughter worked for the Ontario Fisheries for a number of years doing reaserch on different lakes and many different types of fish and she cannot explain this herself but this is what they do. Sorry to anyone who does not think this is true but it is. They also taske great if cooked propperly as I said with smoking.
—Guest Robbie

Who ever said

That I have never eaten drum has no idea of what they are talking about. Drum is an extreamly oily fish and does need to be smoked as all the fat drips out and all the meat turns flaky white. If this person has a problem please contact me and I will teach you the truth.
—Guest Robbie

Drum are not the fish described here.

I can tell you that this author has never eaten any drum. I have and the meat is not fishy, but it is quite rubbery and chewy-like a porkchop. The only way to make it tender is to stew it or braise in in liquid. Not at all flaky as this author suggests. This is likely a fictional idea written to make $$$.
—Guest grunion

Fun to catch whe the wind is on you

I went out with my son and daughter as well as two of my nephues. The wind was from the west blowing onto the Red River north of Winnipeg in Manitoba. You can not fish in the marsh itself but when the wind is blowing on you and the boat is rocking. I fish with a pickerl rig, fresh frozen unsaulted minnows. ( Salt is a forren objet to a fresh water fish). They will only take a salted minnow when they are really hungry. At any rate my son and I never got a chance to put our lines in the water as all we were doing was taking the fish off of all the other lines. 45 minutes approx 45 Silver Bass. My nephues were used to going out fishing all day long nd only catching one fish and they were happy with that. To this day they have never seen fishing like that again. People are lazy or wimps as if you want to catch fish always fish with the wind blowing on you. The bate fish are at the top of the water and preditor fish will follow. Up to 30 miles a day these fish will travel.
—Guest Robbie

Fresh Water Drum Taste

Fresh water drum is best smoked. I do them at a hot smoke approx 150 degrees. It takes a number of hrs to do this but if you dou it this way with applewood you will find the most tasty treat that you have ever had. Do not cook fresh water drum in a deep frier as the fats int it will destroy your grease the first time that you do it. If you smoke it the way I say you will have the tastiest fish that you have ever had.
—Guest Robbie

Drum Good Eating!!!

I have caught drum in Kentucky all my life they are excellent to eat even the big ones. I catch them mostly on night crawlers and cray fish , They are great to catch and eat
—Guest Paul C (CatfishManPC)

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