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Readers Respond: Are Freshwater Drum Good To Eat?

Responses: 31


I have never tried to eat a freshwater drum since they don't live where I fish. Many say they are not good to eat. Do you agree or disagree? Share your experiences with eating freshwater drum here.

my taste for freshwater drum

I have never liked to catch a do to the carp look but I have been wrong for years I caught four n 1day n the last one was about 19 or 20inches so I decided to fillet it with the rest of the fish from the end of the day and to b honest the drum was better than the bass bluegill and the catfish I caught if I had known I will have fried every drum I have ever caught so the one that think drum aren't good to eat try it first and I think u will keep it on the catch list I say thumbs up to the drum fans more for use their popular in my kitchen thanks and hope u try it and more after
—Guest bamaboy

That Is Gross

this is discusting!! a drum might not be a bottom feeder like a carp or a sucker, but it is a scavenger, they eat any gross, rotten shit they can find. You wouldnt eat a possom, raccoon, or a rat would you?? then why do you think its ok to eat one that comes outta the water
—Guest trevor

I was lied to!

I am one of those people who was told my whole life that drum were junk fish, not for eating, and was even told about the whole "parasite worm" thing. I was told that if you left them in the sun they would have little white worms crawl out of them, I tested this theory, I saw NO worms. Then I decided I would try eating one since everyone was wrong about the worms, maybe they were wrong about the taste too? So I fried some drum filets, exactly how I fry catfish, and they were amazing! They are better when eaten hot, and they do have a cod-like flavor. Nothing wrong with that. I would tell you to just try them, and decide for yourself. Don't forget the beer!
—Guest Tombigbee river fishing


Today me and my brother went fishing at Blue Mt. Lake, AR. And boy my lil bro pulled in a monster one about 2Ft and weight n around 10-14 lbs, at first we thought he got stuck on some rocks until he was able to reel it in some and then we thought it was a log but when we got it close enough it was a monster lol
—Guest Jeff


I caught one years ago and kept and cooked it. It was nasty. But , then, I am cursed with discriminating taste buds.
—Guest Crewmax42

fresh water drum

they are real good fighters and they are really good to eat, i caught 1000's and lost of masters of them there real good
—Guest tyler

Hell yeah!

I would definetly take them all, it all depends on what is there on the lake or river for them to eat, in the lake I fish there is a infinate amount of craw fish and thats the bait I use and is one of the best tasting fish,but if their diet consists of god knows what I believe it will make a difference, I personally love how they taste,fried,baked and anyway they are cooked, HELL YEAH!
—Guest Ray Osorio

Even at Lake Erie

I even those from lake Erie and it was good. Obviously, the looks of the fish does no good for many people to eat them.
—Guest Kojiro


Seriously... As a kid I got violently ill if I ate any type of fish... lately my husband and I have been going fishing catching a lot of catfish and throwing them back, but today I caught a nice big Drum... we brought it home, and because it was the first fish I ever caught even though it was from the Red River I had to try at least a bite... I ate the whole damn thing, my hubby loved it too so did the three kids, no muddy taste or anything like that it was just F***ing Awesome!!
—Guest Dara

Have eaten buckets of them

As a child fishing with my grandfather in the St Clair river, we caught tons of these fish. They taste just as good as any other white meat fish I have ever caught in the great lakes. I don't understand why everyone thinks these are junk fish? I feel it is because everyone gets all excited to go catch the "cool looking" fish like bass, walleye, perch, etc and when they catch a dorky looking fish named sheephead, they get angry. Almost every person I have ever met who says these fish are junk or taste bad have never tried one. They were just told by there uncle or dad or whoever taught them to fish to throw them back. I tried an experiment where I cooked a sheephead and a walleye and asked my friend who was a sheephead hater to tell me the difference and he could not. This was the first time he ever tried one and he thought it was great. I like the saying "when everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking"
—Guest St Clair Drummer

Couldn't belive how good they are.

I just got a couple out of Lake Huron. I've always heard they were a junk fish but I thought I would try it. Boy was everyone wrong. Nice and mild like cod. Next time I go up there I'll take everyone that pthers are throwing back.
—Guest Tim

Drum are excellent!

We fish them a lot in lake Petenwell in Wisconsin. We've had many freshwater fish including bass, walleye, catfish, and perch, but we think drum is the best. We catch them mostly on night-crawlers and minnows. When you catch them you should put them on ice and fillet them immediately after you're done fishing for optimum taste. They don't have a strong fishy flavor like a lot of fish have, and its meat is white and is very firm, almost a lobster-like texture. You can bake them up with butter, lemon juice, and paprika, or bread them then deep fry them. Drums are a great fish, they put up a fight, there's a lot of them, and they taste excellent!
—Guest Wisconsin angler

Drum that does not beat in my world.

Fried Drum is not bad if it is eaten while it is HOT, but once it cools it becomes rubbery. Not for me.
—Guest Donna

Yes they are

Freshwater Drum are good to eat. In fact, they are better than Crappie, Bass, and most of the other popular freshwater fish. The issue with Drum is in the proper handling and storage after the catch. The fish should be placed on ice immediately after catching. It's even better if you can fillet the fish immediately. It seems to me, that the less stress imposed on the fish after the catch, the better the end result. That's why I can't stress it enough; Proper handling immediately after catch and you'll be amazed at how good this fish is. If however, it's mishandled after the catch, it truly is, one of the worst fish there is.
—Guest Leon

Freezing Drum?

Drum WILL freeze well if you pack them in water before freezing, 1 1/2 gal ice cream tubs are perfect for this, I fried some tonight that had been frozen 8 mos and they tasted just as good as when they were fresh, make sure you thaw them in cold water not hot or it will make them a little tougher
—Guest Drum Runner

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