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Readers Respond: What Kind Of Fish Tastes Best?

Responses: 18


From the article: Best Tasting Fish
Many kinds of fish taste good when cooked in a variety of ways. But which kind of fish tastes best?


Walleye is basically like eating the most tender, white, dilectable chicken in the world. Words cannot describe the pleasant taste of walleye, and it is true, they are easy to clean and supply a decent amount of meat per fillet. Significantly thinner skin than yellow perch and significantly less murky tasting than bass. Also, try the cheek-meat, if you have a larger fish. My grandpa always told me that it was like candy, and he is right. It is a tiny bit sweet, and the perfect consistency. Seriously, if you have never been a fan of the flavor of fish, try walleye, and you honestly might change your mind.
—Guest benn

Best Fish

For me the best tasting freshwater fish is crappie. For me the best tasting saltwater fish is snapper.
—Guest Fishhead

You Won't Believe This But, I Am Serious

Years ago I lived next to a small tributary of the Cumberland river, right next to a small feeder stream that was dry most of the year. I noticed that after heavy spring rains, when the flood waters were receding, a lot of carp came down the feeder stream so, with the help of an enterprising friend I stretched a piece of chicken wire fencing across the small stream while it was flooded and sure enough we trapped several dozen carp on their was downstream. We hopped in the lowered water and grabbed them by hand, gutted and butterflied them, then soaked them in a brine solution for 24 hours, then hung them and smoked them. Carp are excellent choices for smoking because they are an oily fish. Everyone who tried them gave them rave reviews. A friends father said he thought they were better than alderwood smoked salmon. Some of the tastiest fish I ever ate.
—Guest Charlie


Freshwater perch fillet, dipped in an egg white and almond milk wash, dusted with seasoned flour and corn meal with paprika, cayenne, onion powder, salt and pepper. Next is walley/crappie/sunfish.
—Guest Dave


Too many people have not had the opportunity to eat walleye, which is probably why they are not as popular as crappie and blue gill. Walleye meat is sweet, flaky and very easy to fillet. I cook it several ways including in tin foil with butter, lemon pepper and slices of lemon. It is also really good fried in either a beer batter or crumb breading for baking. Just talking about it makes me want to move back to the north just so I can have regular access to them again! I'm about catfished out!
—Guest Aaron


best ever fresh water fish there is other thean blue gill but you have to catch so many blue gill to equal 1 walleye so that is why i say walleye
—Guest anthony


the best of the best are crappie and freshwater yellow perch.
—Guest jungle

trout in tinfoil

Best fisa h in my opinion is trout with butter some sort of pepper seasoning, a little beer or wine wrapped in tinfoil then put on hot campfire coals.
—Guest Justin


Trout: rainbow, brown, brook, cut throat. Delicious!!
—Guest xavier6892


seasoned and baked,batterd and fried,rubbed andbreaded,my favorite
—Guest r.ricchardson


Nothing is better then Perch, NOTHING. Deep fried to a golden brown, served up with slaw, fries or potato pancakes, rye bread, and a tall cold beer.
—Guest silvercliff_46


slab bluegill,fillet season some flour an cornmeal with salt an pepper with a dash of cayenne pepper. um um good
—Guest les

So tough to chose just 1

I enjoy almost all fish, but a grilled sea bass is the best I have ever made...Salmon and halibut would be a close 2nd, then Eagle Lake trout.... It is it's own species from Eagle Lake in California. Lake Tahoe trout is great, I have caught Big rainbows, German browns, and Mackinaw off of my pier there for years. Everything was smoked / grilled and tasted GREAT! Next choice is fresh Yellowfin tuna in San Diego. Lived there fir years, and the tuna is great when fresh.
—Guest LittleKev

Crappie for the Win

For me, there is nothing better than fried crappie filets. Best tasting fish out there.
—Guest Josh

best tasting freshwater fish

without question--fresh walleye pan fried or battered and deep fried
—Guest jon

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