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Freshwater Fishing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Tips for Catching Bass in Fall
Roger Lee Brown gives tips on catching fall bass
What Kinds of Fish Taste Best?
What is the best tasting fish? Freshwater Fishing.
Freshwater Drum Fish Fact Sheet
Freshwater Drum are so widespread you are likely to catch one while fishing for some other kind of fish. Don't complain, just enjoy the fight.
Pros and Cons of Mono, Fluorocarbon, and...
Here are the things you need to know about the three main categories of fishing line, nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braid or microfilament.
What to Know About Fishing At Night
Practical tips on tackle, lights, noise, safety, and other factors that make fishing in the dark more productive.
8 Bass Lures Fishermen Should Have
Here are my picks of the best bass lures.
Spots To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass
Try these spots for Lake Guntersville Bass. Page 3.
Are Freshwater Drum Good To Eat?
Donna says freshwater drum are underrated and are good to eat.
What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Braid...
What is braid fishing line and what are its good and bad points?
How to Choose the Right Fishing Rod
Lee McClellan gives suggestions on picking the right fishing rod
Blobs of Jelly In Freshwater
Blobs of jelly in freshwater is actually colonies of Bryozoans
A Fisherman's Guide to Catching Catfish in Lakes
Catching catfish fishing in lakes, where to find them and what to use.
A Fisherman's Guide to Flathead Catfish
Learn about the Flathead Catfish (Pylodictis olivaris), one of the biggest catfish species and a great sport fish that can put up a great fight.
So Many Choices
There are a lot of different kinds of fishing lines available - monofilament, co-filament, fused lines and braided lines. Here's a look at them. Page 2.
Bluegill Fish
Bluegill are fun to catch and bite most every bait you can use.
Fishing for White Bass In Lakes
Details on the best way to go fishing in lakes for white bass, including what part of a lake you'll likely find them, recommended bait and suggested tackle.
Bass Fishing On Lake Guntersville
Randy Tharp marks ten spots to catch bass on Lake Guntersville
A Fisherman's Guide to Crappie
Basic information about black and white crappie
How Are Hooks Sized?
How are hooks sized? Freshwater Fishing.
How to Clean the Fish You Catch
How I clean fish, with step by step fish cleaning pictures
Muddy Water Fishing
Late winter and early spring rains often muddy up the lakes. Learn how to fish in muddy water, including tips, types of jigs to use, and more.
Top 10 What are the best bass lakes in Georgia
Here is my list of the top ten big lakes in Georgia for bass.
Tips for Fishermen: How to Catch Salmon and Trout
Captain Jim Hirt has a lot of experience catching salmon and trout on Lake Michigan. These articles will help you catch salmon and trout.
What Is the Best Time to Go Northern Pike Fishing
Prime time for big pike is when the water temperatures are under 65 F, give or take. It is believed that once water temps reach these higher levels, big pike become somewhat stressed and the bite subsides.
Night Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques
Colors to use while night fishing for bass and other tips to help you catch fish. Page 2.
Patterns for Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing
These patterns will catch Lake Guntersville bass. Page 2.
Reasons You Are Not Catching Fish
There seems to be more reasons for not catching than for catching
What Are the Best Periods of Fish Activity?
Using sun and moon positions to predict periods of fish activity
What Is Monofilament Fishing Line
What is monofilament fishing line? Learn more about our top 7 picks for best monofilament fishing lines.
The Proper Way to Fill a Fishing Reel with Line
Here’s the proper way to fill baitcasting, spinning, and spincasting reels with monofilament or braided line.
World Record Bass From Georgia
The world record bass was caught near Jacksonville, GA. Here are some pictures of the signs there and info about the catch
Spots With GPS Coordinates To Catch Lake...
Spots With GPS Coordinates To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass. Page 4.
Invisible and colors of fishing lines
Should you choose an invisible fishing line or a line that has a color you can see? Page 3.
Best Colors for Plastic Worms
What are the top colors for plastic worms?
Fishing Tips: How to Maintain Your Spinning Reel
Lee McClellan tells how to clean and maintain your spinning reel.
Fishing Line Confusion
What fishing line to buy? Freshwater Fishing.
Elite Bass Angler Disqualified At Guntersville
An Elite series angler was disqualified at Lake Guntersville. Here is Boyd Duckett's take on what happened
How To Fish A Jig and Pig
A jig and pig is a great bait for big bass, especially in the winter
There Are Many Different Kinds of Bream
There are many kinds of bream. Freshwater Fishing.
What Is Fishing
What is fishing? Freshwater Fishing.
How to Take Care of Fish After You Catch Them
Here’s what to do to keep fish protected and as fresh as possible once you have landed them.
How to Spool Line On A Spinning Reel for Fishing
What kind of line to use on a spinning reel, how to spool it and how to remove line twist.
A Fisherman's Guide to Alligator Gar
Fact sheet on alligator gar. Freshwater Fishing.
How to Spool Line On a Spin Cast Fishing Reel
How to put line on a spin cast reel
Learning To Cast A Bait Casting Reel
How to learn to cast a bait casting reel.
What To Do About A Hook In A Fish Stomach
Should you try to remove the hook from a fish that has swallowed it if you are going to release it?
Alabama's Best Bass Lakes
You won' go wrong fishing any of these lakes in Alabama for bass
How To Catch Chinook Salmon
The best time, lure and location for Lake Michigan trophy chinooks
Snakehead Fish
Snakehead fish are not native to the US but are being found in some states. What problems can they cause and what can you do?
What Are Trash Fish?
What are trash fish, how do you catch them and can you eat them?
Five Critical Things to Know About Replacing...
Tips for setting the proper line level, partial spool refilling, removing old line, labeling, and knowing when to replace old line.
Spinnerbait Tactics
Joe H with Secret Weapon Lures shares 14 different ways to fish a spinnerbait
What Are the Best Hooks for Bass Fishing?
What are the best hooks for bass fishing?
Crankbaits - How To Choose A Crankbait -...
How do you choose which crankbait to buy and which one to fish with? What shape should you fish today? Why fish a crankbait instead of a worm or spinnerbait?
Crappie Fishing Is Best In Lakes
You can catch crappie in many lakes.
Big Catfish Pictures
Robbie Robinson with some of the big catfish he catches.
How to Catch Bass After The Fall Turnover
Fishing improves after the turnover, and here’s what you can do to catch bass then.
Red Fishing Line
Use red fishing line when fishing Lake Michigan - here is why red fishing line is good.
Black Bass Species
There are 8 species of black bass in the United States.
Four Ways To Cook Bass Filets
Here are four of my favorite ways to cook bass filets.
How To Use Fishing Spoons
Captain Jim Hirt tells how to choose speed, color and size of your fishing spoon on Lake Michigan
Sunfish Pictures - Bluegill, Shellcracker,...
These sunfish were caught by readers of fishing.about.com - send in your pictures of sunfish including bluegill, shellcracker, redbreast and others.
Fishing Line Knots
Learn to tie a good knot and don't lose fish.
Live Bait For Walleye
Ted Pilgrim says live bait is the way to go for walleye
Crappie Fishing Information
Information to help you catch crappie
Go Natural With Bucktail Jigs
Jim Pope tells how to rig and fish a bucktail jig
Why to Give Cold Water Bass Fishing a Try
Try these tips for catching bass in cold water.
Lure Basics: It’s Not Magic
Basic Things You Should Know About Lures and How to Use Them
How To Catch Muskie In All Seasons
Victor Beacham shares his tips on catching muskie in all seasons of the year.
Late Fall/November Fishing Patterns
This is a good time to catch fish in my area of the world
Night Bass Fishing - Choosing A Light
How to choose a light to use while fishing for bass at night. Page 3.
How Top Tell the Age Of Bass
How to tell the age of bass. Freshwater Fishing.
Jobs Making Money In the Outdoors
Jobs in the outdoor world to make money, like game warden and fishing guide.
Yellow Perch Fact Sheet
Information about yellow perch. Freshwater Fishing.
How To Clean A Gar If You Catch One and Want to...
These pictures and instructions will help you clean a gar.
Basic Facts About Spinnerbaits
Here’s a primer on spinnerbait sizes, weights, and blade styles, plus retrieval actions.
Crappie Fishing In The Winter
Crappie fishing at Christmas can be an excellent way to fill up your freezer. These tips I use in Georgia might help you where you fish.
How To Siphon A Fishing Pond
I needed to get the water level down in one of my small ponds so I could build a dock. Here is how I bult a siphon system out of PVC, with pictures.
Fall Bass Fishing with A Jig and Pig
What colors, size and trailers work best in the fall for a jig and pig
How To Choose the Right Fishing Line
How to choose the right fishing line.
Great Snakehead Fish Fact Sheet
Fact sheet on the Great Snakehead
Cane Pole Fishing
Fishing with a cane pole. Freshwater Fishing.
Problems Facing Fishermen
What are the biggest problems facing fishermen?
Eating Catfish
Tips on care and cooking of catfish. Page 2.
Fishing Small Rivers for Walleye
You can catch small river walleyes in many places. Wherever walleyes live, there are small rivers that are home to these walleyes.
Fishing for Sunfish In Lakes
You can catch a lot of sunfish in lakes
Tying a Drop Shot Rig
How to tie a drop shot rig. Freshwater Fishing.
Facts About the Life and Behavior of Yellow Perch
Facts about the life and behavior of yellow perch, one of the most popular of all North American freshwater species.
How To Catch Crappie by Trolling
How to catch crappie by trolling
Fishing Grass with Frogs and Rats
Tips on fishing grass with rats and frogs
Catching Fish In Brackish Water
Catching fish in brackish water.
7 Ways to Keep Boat Gas from Ruining Your Fishing
What to know about ethanol and non-ethanol fuel use in boats, and how to take care of your fuel to avoid breakdowns.
Some Ideas for these Slow Fall Fishing Days -
How to catch fish on slow fall fishing days.
How To Choose A Bass Fishing Lure Color
How to choose a good color for bass fishing lures.
Rigging Your Boat for Crappie Fishing
How to rig your boat for crappie trolling
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Baitcasting...
Baitcasting reels have good, bad and ugly characteristics.
Crappie Fishing Patterns
Catching Clark Hill Crappie - Crappie fishing patterns that should work for you, too.
Lake Michigan Fishing Report
Captain Jim Hirt updates you on what the salmon and trout are hitting and where they are on Lake Michigan.
Fishing A Lake
What is lake fishing? Freshwater Fishing.
Essential Facts You Need to Know About Fishing...
Essential facts about depth attainment, hooksetting, retrieving, and trolling while using crankbaits.
Bass Fishing In November is Specail On...
Captain Mike Gerry says November is a special time of year for bass fishing on Guntersville
Ambassadeur 5500 C3 - Fishing Product Review
Ambassadeur 5500 C3 is a good reel according to R. Lantz Saylor
Silver Carp Information
Silver carp are one species of the Asian carp species that are causing problems in the United States
Bedding Time for Bream
When bream are bedding you can catch several kinds.
Catching Fish In Cold Water
Catching fish in cold water can be tough, but fishing in cold water can be great! Here are some tips that should work for you.
Catching Bass In November
Boyd Duckett tells how to find and catch bass in Novemher
How To Catch Coho Salmon On Lake Michigan
Spring fishing season on Lake Michigan to most means only one thing: Coho salmon fever. Find out how to best catch these prized fish.
Bass Tournament Trails In Georgia
Georgia bass fishermen have a variety of tournament trails they can compete in, ranging from big lakes to small ones.
Bassfan List of Top 200 Bass Pro Fishermen
Here is Bassfan.com's ranking of the top 200 pros - where is your favorite?
Fishing Deep Away From the Bank
Skeet Reese gives some tips on deep water fishing.
What Does “Pound-Test” Mean on a...
The strength of most fishing lines is not exactly what their labels say. Here’s why.
9 Steps for Tying Perfect Fishing Knots
Perfect knots are necessary in fishing and can be achieved by following these nine steps.
Walleye Fact Sheet
Basic information about walleye. Freshwater Fishing.
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Spinning...
Spinning reels are very popular and work better than other kinds of fishing reels for some kinds of fishing.
Fishing Line: The Truth About Breaking Strength
Most labels don’t tell the truth about the basic strength of the line
Five Species Of Alaska Salmon
There are five species of salmon that live in Alaska waters and come up Alaska rivers to spawn.
Get Better Use Out of Your Spinning Tackle
Casting accurately and getting distance with spinning tackle, plus info on other reel features.
Tying Knots - Freshwater Fishing
Tying a good knot can help you land more fish,
Boat Maker Genmar Files For Bankruptcy
Boat manufacturer Genmar files for bankruptcy
Fall Jigging Spoons
How to, where to and what you can catch jigging a spoon in the fall.
Pictures of Striped Bass Hybrids and White Bass
Pictures of striped bass Hybrids and White Bass and the proud angelers that caught them.
Fishing The Shad Spawn
Bass go wild when the shad spawn and you can load the boat if you are in the right place at the right time.
Reels: Gear Ratio and Speed Don’t Tell...
Gear ratio, spool size, and line levels affect line recovery.
Fishing for Yellow Perch In Lakes
Fishing for yellow perch in lakes.
Bowfin - Fish or Monster
Bowfin are mean and ugly, and they will tear up your tackle
How To: Fish A Carolina Rig
How to fish a Carolina rig. Freshwater Fishing.
Do Fish Attractants Work?
Do fish attractants work? Freshwater Fishing.
What Are College Bass Fishing Teams?
What are college bass fishing teams?
Walleye Tips
Bob Jensen says it is time to catch walleye and here are some tips to help.
Matching Rods and Reels
Match your rod and reel and match the outfit to your fishing
Catfish Fishing Basics
Ted Pilgrim shares the ways to catch catfish near you
How to Control and Cure Line Twist on Fishing...
Faulty Lures, Loose Drag, and Poor Landing Technique Cause the Problem, but You Can Cure It
The Best Ways to Prepare Fish for Cooking
Here are the best storage, freezing, and thawing practices to prepare fish that you catch and process.
What Is a (Fixed or Slip) Fishing Bobber or...
Information about the features, uses, and history of a very common bait-fishing accessory known as a bobber, cork, or float, which can be used as fixed or slip devices.
What Can I Catch On a Curly Tail Grub?
A curly tail grub will catch any predator fish that swims.
The Art and Science of Fishing
Boyd Duckett discusses the art and science of bass fishing
Blueback Herring and Effects on Freshwater...
Here are some facts about blueback herring and how they affect fishing in fresh water.
Does Bait Size Matter In Bass Fishing?
Does bait size matter when bass fishing?
Fishing Brush at Clark's Hill Lake
Pictures of fishing brush piles and a hump at Clarks Hill
Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Lures
Lures to use to catch trophy lake trout on Lake Michigan
How To Catch Brown Trout By Fishing the Zone
Captain Jim Hirt explains how to catch Lake Michigan brown trout
How To Tie A Double Fluke Rig for Fishing
Sometimes a double Fluke rig will draw strikes with a single Fluke will not. Here is how to tie it with a sliding swivel.
Slow Rolling A Rattle Trap To Catch Fish
Jerry Adams share s his tips on fishing a Rattle Trap
Green Sunfish Fact Sheet
Green sunfish are common in much of the US and are good to eat.
Catching Northern Pike In Lakes
Learn what to use and where to fish in lakes for northern pike, common in northern US states and across the northwest.
Fishing A Spinnerbait
Ways to fish a spinnerbait. Freshwater Fishing. Page 2.
Numbers of Boats Up in US
Numbers of boats in the US are up
What To Wear When Fishing In Winter Weather
Choose the right clothes and you can stay warm in winter
What Is Fishing Gear
What is fishing gear? Freshwater Fishing.
Fishing a Trick Worm
Fishing a Trick Worm can be productive

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