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Freshwater Fishing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What You Need To Know About Fluorocarbon...
Fluorocarbon fishing line has its good characteristics and some bad ones, too.
Spooling Line On A Spinning Reel
Scott Suggs tells what kind of line to use on a spinning reel, how to spool it and how to remove line twist.
Fishing for Catfish in Lakes
Catching catfish fishing in lakes, where to find them and what to use.
Choosing the Right Fishing Rod
Lee McClellan gives suggestions on picking the right fishing rod
Best Tasting Fish
What is the best tasting fish? Freshwater Fishing.
Top 10 What are the best bass lakes in Georgia
Here is my list of the top ten big lakes in Georgia for bass.
Fishing Line: Facts About Abrasion Resistance
Equipment, fishing line, abrasion
Basic information about black and white crappie
Fishing At Night
Fishing at night can be productive but there are some problems, too. These tips will help you when you go fishing at night.
Top 7 Tough Monofilament Fishing Lines
These tough mono lines will do the job for you if you are fishing cover and need abrasion resistance.
Top 8 Bass Lures
Here are my picks of the best bass lures.
Best Colors for Plastic Worms
What are the top colors for plastic worms?
Handling Big Bass
Jim Shepherd shares some info from the Texas Wildlife folks on how to handle big bass.
Spinning Reel Maintenance Made Easy
Lee McClellan tells how to clean and maintain your spinning reel.
Four Ways To Cook Bass Filets
Here are four of my favorite ways to cook bass filets.
Learning To Cast A Bait Casting Reel
How to learn to cast a bait casting reel.
How To Choose the Right Fishing Line
How to choose the right fishing line.
World Record Bass From Georgia
The world record bass was caught near Jacksonville, GA. Here are some pictures of the signs there and info about the catch
Spinnerbait Tactics
Joe H with Secret Weapon Lures shares 14 different ways to fish a spinnerbait
Flathead Catfish
Fact sheet on flathead catfish, including world record size.
Invisible and colors of fishing lines
Should you choose an invisible fishing line or a line that has a color you can see? Page 3.
Muddy Water Fishing
How can you cope with muddy water when fishing
What Is the Prime Time for Northern Pike
What is the best time of year to go pike fishing?
How To Fish A Jig and Pig
A jig and pig is a great bait for big bass, especially in the winter
Good and Bad of Braid Fishing Line
What is braid fishing line and what are its good and bad points?
Reasons You Are Not Catching Fish
There seems to be more reasons for not catching than for catching
Fishing for Bass in Cold Water
Try these tips for catching bass in cold water.
Alligator Gar Fact Sheet
Fact sheet on alligator gar. Freshwater Fishing.
Bass Are On The Beds In the Spring
When bass are bedding should you try to catch them?
Alabama's Best Bass Lakes
You won' go wrong fishing any of these lakes in Alabama for bass
How Are Hooks Sized?
How are hooks sized? Freshwater Fishing.
Bedding Time for Bream
When bream are bedding you can catch several kinds.
Spots To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass
Try these spots for Lake Guntersville Bass. Page 3.
Winterizing Fishing Line
Store your fishing line so it will be ready to use next spring. Page 3.
Freshwater Drum Fish Fact Sheet
Freshwater Drum are so widespread you are likely to catch one while fishing for some other kind of fish. Don't complain, just enjoy the fight.
Cane Pole Fishing
Fishing with a cane pole. Freshwater Fishing.
Bluegill Fish
Bluegill are fun to catch and bite most every bait you can use.
Tips for Fishermen: How to Catch Salmon and Trout
Captain Jim Hirt has a lot of experience catching salmon and trout on Lake Michigan. These articles will help you catch salmon and trout there and anywhere else you fish.
Cleaning Fish- Freshwater Fishing
How I clean fish, with step by step fish cleaning pictures
Fishing with Nighcrawlers You Catch
How to catch and care for nightcrawlers for fishing.
Spring Walleye Fishing Tips
Some tips to help you catch spring walleye
Hooks for Bass Fishing
What are the best hooks for bass fishing?
There Are Many Different Kinds of Bream
There are many kinds of bream. Freshwater Fishing.
How To Catch Bass In Early Spring
How To Catch Bass In Early Spring
Jobs Making Money In the Outdoors
Jobs in the outdoor world to make money
Winterizing Fishing Tackle
Store your fishing tackle right so it will be ready next spring.
Troy Morrow Tells How To Fish the Alabama Rig
How to fish the Alabama rig with Troy Morrow
So Many Choices
There are a lot of different kinds of fishing lines available - monofilament, co-filament, fused lines and braided lines. Here's a look at them. Page 2.
Tying a Drop Shot Rig
How to tie a drop shot rig. Freshwater Fishing.
Crappie Fishing Patterns - Clark Hill Hotspots
Where to crappie fish at Clark Hill. Page 3.
Fishing At Night For Bass
Fishing at night makes sense for many reasons, especially here in Georgia
Spooling Line On Spin Cast Reel
How to put line on a spin cast reel
Fishing The Shad Spawn
Bass go wild when the shad spawn and you can load the boat if you are in the right place at the right time.
How To Choose A Bass Fishing Lure Color
How to choose a good color for bass fishing lures
What To Do About A Hook In A Fish Stomach
Should you try to remove the hook from a fish that has swallowed it if you are going to release it?
How To Use Fishing Spoons
Captain Jim Hirt tells how to choose speed, color and size of your fishing spoon on Lake Michigan
Crankbaits - How To Choose A Crankbait -...
How do you choose which crankbait to buy and which one to fish with?
Fishing Line Confusion
What fishing line to buy? Freshwater Fishing.
Night Bass Fishing - Choosing A Light
How to choose a light to use while fishing for bass at night. Page 3.
Shellcracker facts.
Fishing Top Water Baits Early In the Spring
You can catch bass early in the spring on top water baits.
How To: Fish A Carolina Rig
How to fish a carolins rig. Freshwater Fishing.
Spots With GPS Coordinates To Catch Lake...
Spots With GPS Coordinates To Catch Lake Guntersville Bass. Page 4.
Fishing for White Bass In Lakes
Details on the best way to go fishing in lakes for white bass, including what part of a lake you'll likely find them, recommended bait and suggested tackle.
What Is Monofilament Fishing Line
What is monofilament fishing line?
Catfish Fishing Basics
Ted Pilgrim shares the ways to catch catfish near you
Bass Fishing On Lake Guntersville
Randy Tharp marks ten spots to catch bass on Lake Guntersville
Leadcore Line Rigging Tips
Captain Jim Hirt explains how to use leadcore line for fishing Lake Michigan
Three Plastic Worm Rigs
What are three plastic worm rigs?
How To Catch Muskie In All Seasons
Victor Beacham shares his tips on catching muskie in all seasons of the year.
Fishing A Spinnerbait
Ways to fish a spinnerbait. Freshwater Fishing. Page 2.
Top 8 Tackle Box Things You Need In Your...
Every fisherman needs these things in his fishing tackle box.
Matching Rods and Reels
Match your rod and reel and match the outfit to your fishing
Night Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques
Colors to use while night fishing for bass and other tips to help you catch fish. Page 2.
Winterizing Fishing Gear
Winterize your fishing gear so it will be ready to use next spring. Page 2.
Elite Bass Angler Disqualified At Guntersville
An Elite series angler was disqualified at Lake Guntersville. Here is Boyd Duckett's take on what happened
What Are Some Basics of Catfishing
Some basics of cat fishing. Freshwater Fishing.
Night Bass Fishing
Joe Haubenreich with Secret Weapon Lures gives detailed info on catching bass at night.
Shellcracker Fishing
Catching shellcracker bream is a lot of fun and they are good to eat, too.
Fishing Jerkbaits for Prespawn Bass
An interview with tournament pro bass fisherman Cliff Crochet in which he talks about his preference for fishing jerkbaits for prespawn bass.
Fishing a Trick Worm
Fishing a Trick Worm can be productive
Black Bass Species
There are 8 species of black bass in the United States.
Rigging Your Boat for Crappie Fishing
How to rig your boat for crappie trolling
Yellow Perch Fact Sheet
Information about yellow perch. Freshwater Fishing.
Live Bait For Walleye
Ted Pilgrim says live bait is the way to go for walleye
Bass Tournament Trails In Georgia
Georgia bass fishermen have a variety of tournament trails they can compete in, ranging from big lakes to small ones.
Fishing for Bedding Bass
Bedding bass can be hard to catch.
Snakehead Fish
Snakehead fish are not native to the US but are being found in some states. What problems can they cause and what can you do?
Fishing Shad - All About This Fishing Baitfish
Information about shad, from the Alabama DNR
Catching Fish In Cold Water
Catching fish in cold water. Freshwater Fishing.
How to Set Up Downriggers for Fishing
How to set up downriggers for fishing and what to use to be successful fishing with downriggers
Post Spawn Bass Fishing
Scott Suggs tells how to catch post spawn bass
Red Fishing Line
Use red fishing line when fishing Lake Michigan - here is why red fishing line is good.
Catching Cold Front Bass
Some tips on catching bass after a cold front.
When To Use Topwater Baits for Bass
Topwater baits provide exciting hits from bass. Here are some tips on when to use them.
Lake Michigan Trophy Brown Trout
How to catch Lake Michigan trophy brown trout
Silver Carp Information
Silver carp are one species of the Asian carp species that are causing problems in the United States
Fishing For Spawning Bass
Jay Yelas gives tips on fishing for bass on the bed.
Bowfin - Fish or Monster
Bowfin are mean and ugly, and they will tear up your tackle
What Can I Catch On a Curly Tail Grub?
A curly tail grub will catch any predator fish that swims.
St Croix Fishing Rod Review
I think the St. Croix Avid Series AVC70MF Medium power fast action 7 foot rod is the best all-around bait casting rod I have tried.
Crappie Fishing Patterns
Catching Clark Hill Crappie - Crappie fishing patterns that should work for you, too.
Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Lures
Lures to use to catch trophy lake trout on Lake Michigan
How To Fish High Water
How to fish high water. Freshwater Fishing.
What Are College Bass Fishing Teams?
What are college bass fishing teams?
How To Catch Brown Trout By Fishing the Zone
Captain Jim Hirt explains how to catch Lake Michigan brown trout
Do Fish Scents Make Sense?
Do fish scents help you catch fish? I sometimes use them
Invasion of the Asian Carp
Asian carp are an invasive species causing problems in the US.
Patterns for Lake Guntersville Bass Fishing
These patterns will catch Lake Guntersville bass. Page 2.
How To Remove Twists From Fishing Line
Here are several ways to remove twists from your fishing line.
Fishing for Sunfish In Lakes
You can catch a lot of sunfish in lakes
Fish Kill in My Pond
A lot of my fish died in a fish kill in my pond due to low oxygen content.
Record Largemouth Bass A Master-ful Catch
largemouth bass, world record, George Perry, The Masters, Montgomery Lake.
Are Freshwater Drum Good To Eat?
Donna says freshwater drum are underrated and are good to eat.
Fishing Brush at Clark's Hill Lake
Pictures of fishing brush piles and a hump at Clarks Hill
Fishing A Lake
What is lake fishing? Freshwater Fishing.
Bottom Bouncer Rigging For Walleye
Gary Parsons tells how to rig a bottom bouncer to catch more walleye
Crappie Fishing Is Best In Lakes
You can catch crappie in many lakes.
More tests of fishing lines
Some of the test fishing lines are put through to find what qualities they have. Page 4.
Fishing Small Rivers for Walleye
How To Catch Walleye In Small Rivers
Crappie Fishing Information
Information to help you catch crappie
Atlantic Sturgeon Fact Sheet
Information about Atlantic Sturgeon
Big Catfish Pictures
Robbie Robinson with some of the big catfish he catches.
What Is Fishing
What is fishing? Freshwater Fishing.
Blobs of Jelly In Freshwater
Blobs of jelly in freshwater is actually colonies of Bryozoans
How To Catch Coho Salmon On Lake Michigan
How to catch coho in Lake Michigan from Captain Jim Hirt.
Build A Better Minnow Trap - Freshwater Fishing
Make a minnow trap to catch small fish for bait
Fishing A Jerkbait
When and how to fish a jerkbait. Freshwater Fishing.
Freshwater Fishing Articles From The Fishing Wire
Freshwater fishing articles courtesy of The Fishing Wire
Topwater Lures
Fishing topwater lures is fun and productive
Wormin' Ways For Fishing
How to rig worms for bass fishing
GPS Fishing Tips On Lake Michigan
Captain Jim explains some of the reasons to use a GPS while fishing.
Information On Alabama Crappie
Information on Alabama crappie. Freshwater Fishing.
Do Fish Attractants Work?
Do fish attractants work? Freshwater Fishing.
When to Set the Hook on Crappie with Sam Heaton
Information on when to set the hook when crappie fishing.
How To Catch Chinook Salmon
The best time, lure and location for Lake Michigan trophy chinooks
Great Snakehead Fish Fact Sheet
Fact sheet on the Great Snakehead
Invisible Fluorocarbon Swivels from Aquateko
Invisible fluorocarbon swivels from Aquateko have a place in your tacklebox
Catching Fish In Brackish Water
Catching fish in brackish water.
Sunfish Pictures - Bluegill, Shellcracker,...
These sunfish were caught by readers of fishing.about.com - send in your pictures of sunfish including bluegill, shellcracker, redbreast and others.
Bassfan List of Top 200 Bass Pro Fishermen
Here is Bassfan.com's ranking of the top 200 pros - where is your favorite?
Green Sunfish Fact Sheet
Green sunfish are common in much of the US and are good to eat.
Go Natural With Bucktail Jigs
Jim Pope tells how to rig and fish a bucktail jig
Spoons for Spring Walleye
Using Spoons for Spring Walleye. Freshwater Fishing. Page 2.
How to Fish Worm Rigs
How to choose and fish different worm rigs
Crappie Fishing - Crappie Fishing Tackle
Tackle for crappie fishing. Freshwater Fishing. Page 2.
Circuit Breaker On Trolling Motors
A circuit breaker on a trolling motor can be a problem
Blueback Herring and Effects on Freshwater...
Here are some facts about blueback herring and how they affect fishing in fresh water.
Eating Catfish
Tips on care and cooking of catfish. Page 2.
Ambassadeur 5500 C3 - Fishing Product Review
Ambassadeur 5500 C3 is a good reel according to R. Lantz Saylor

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