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Profile of White Bass

Information on White Bass


Nice March Conroe White Bass

Nice March Conroe White Bass

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White bass (Morone chrysops) live in freshwater lakes and rivers. They are native to the Eastern US and Canada, from the Rio Grand and Lake Winnipeg to the east coast of both counties. They have been stocked in many other areas where they are not native. (picture)

  • Description - Black stripes on a silvery white body. Stripes are unbroken and straight. They have sharp vertical dorsal fins and a sharp gill plate
  • Size - White bass average about one pound, with the record being a 6 pound, 13 ounce fish caught in Virginia in 1989.
  • Distribution - White bass have been widely stocked and can be found in most lakes and river systems through out the US.

  • What White Bass Eat- White bass eat small minnows. They are an open water fish so they mainly prey on schooling baitfish like shad.
  • Reproduction - White bass run up rivers and creeks to spawn in lakes. They need moving water to keep the eggs from settling to the bottom

  • Attraction to Light- White bass will come to lights to feed on baitfish attracted to them.

  • Life Cycle - White bass hatch in moving water then spent their lives in open water, moving constantly

  • Problems - None. They are small enough that they don't compete too much with other fish and tend not to over reproduce.

  • Forum Discussion - See my response to a forum post and add your own about white bass
  • White bass are common and do not cause problems. They hit most any small minnow like bait and give a good fight on light tackle. They have a dark red section of meat that is strong tasting but they are good to eat.White bass are crossed in the hatchery with striped bass to create hybrids, called a whiterock bass, that is widely stocked in lakes.

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