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St Croix Fishing Rod Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
User Rating 1 Star Rating (1 Review)


St.Croix Avid Rods

St.Croix Avid Rods

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The Bottom Line

I won a St. Croix Avid AVC70MF rod at a tournament for a second place finish. When I first tried it I did not like it, I was used to a shorter rod and I thought the power was too light. But as I used it more I liked it better and better, to the point of buying two more. They are my favorite bait casting rods for all-around use.
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  • Excellent all-around casting rod
  • Light weight
  • Medium power, fast action
  • Seven foot length
  • Holds up well under heavy use


  • Cost about $170


  • Seven foot fast action, medium power casting rod
  • Light weight rod
  • Mid-range price for a St. Croix rod
  • Well made rod
  • Light tip

Guide Review - St Croix Fishing Rod Review

I use my three St. Croix Avid AVC70MF rods for a wide variety of fishing. I keep one rigged with 12 pound PLine flurocarbon line and a jig head worm, one with a weightless Senko on 14 pound Suffix line and the other with a crankbait or spinnerbait on 15 pound PLine.

The light tip allows excellent casting of lures and worms from 1/8th ounce to 1/2 ounce. Action is light enough not to break line on hooksets or pull plugs out of a fish's mouth but there is enough backbone to set the hook on worms, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. The rod is light weight enough to cast all day in a tournament without undue fatigue.

The seve foot rod length helps take up line fast when setting the hook and gives good leverage, important when a fish moves toward you and when fighting a big fish.

St. Croix makes a quality rod and the Avid series is mid-range for them. It is not their lightest or highest priced rod but it holds up under heavy use. St. Croix has a good warranty program

For heavy fishing like casting a jig and pig to cover I like a heavier power rod but this model is what I choose for most of my bass fishing with a casting rod.

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User Reviews

 1 out of 5
poor warrenty, poor product, Member jbordy

Between my brother and me we owned 7 St. Croix bass rods. I don't remember their model numbers but all were well over $120 each. 4 of these rods, at different times, broke 4 to 8 inches below the tip during hook setting on large mouth bass. When contacting St. Croix we were told ""the blanks your rods are made from have been discontinued. We will send you free of charge a lesser priced rod or you will need to pay $60 plus shipping to receive the updated version of that rod"". None of the rods that broke were more than a couple of years old. I will never buy another St. Crox rod specifically because of its warrenty. I own a number of other brand name rods and have never, I repeat never, had one break like the St. Croix rods.

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