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St Croix Fishing Rod Review

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St.Croix Avid Rods

St.Croix Avid Rods

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The Bottom Line

I won a St. Croix Avid AVC70MF rod at a tournament for a second place finish. When I first tried it I did not like it, I was used to a shorter rod and I thought the power was too light. But as I used it more I liked it better and better, to the point of buying two more. They are my favorite bait casting rods for all-around use.
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  • Excellent all-around casting rod
  • Light weight
  • Medium power, fast action
  • Seven foot length
  • Holds up well under heavy use


  • Cost about $170


  • Seven foot fast action, medium power casting rod
  • Light weight rod
  • Mid-range price for a St. Croix rod
  • Well made rod
  • Light tip

Guide Review - St Croix Fishing Rod Review

I use my three St. Croix Avid AVC70MF rods for a wide variety of fishing. I keep one rigged with 12 pound PLine flurocarbon line and a jig head worm, one with a weightless Senko on 14 pound Suffix line and the other with a crankbait or spinnerbait on 15 pound PLine.

The light tip allows excellent casting of lures and worms from 1/8th ounce to 1/2 ounce. Action is light enough not to break line on hooksets or pull plugs out of a fish's mouth but there is enough backbone to set the hook on worms, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. The rod is light weight enough to cast all day in a tournament without undue fatigue.

The seve foot rod length helps take up line fast when setting the hook and gives good leverage, important when a fish moves toward you and when fighting a big fish.

St. Croix makes a quality rod and the Avid series is mid-range for them. It is not their lightest or highest priced rod but it holds up under heavy use. St. Croix has a good warranty program

For heavy fishing like casting a jig and pig to cover I like a heavier power rod but this model is what I choose for most of my bass fishing with a casting rod.

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