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Review of Duckett Rods

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Jake Davis fishing with a Duckett Rod

Jake Davis fishing with a Duckett Rod

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The Bottom Line

Duckett Rods are light weight, sensitive and handle the baits they are designed to cast very well.
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  • Light weight
  • Sensitive
  • Micro Guides
  • Variety of lengths and actions
  • White in color


  • Fairly expensive


  • Rods come in white
  • Variety of lengths and actions available
  • Micro guides make casting easier and keep rod lighter
  • Rods have a 20 year warrentee
  • Split cork handle series all direct feel of rod blank

Guide Review - Review of Duckett Rods

I fished with Captain Jake Davis on Lake Guntersville and got to try out two Duckett Rods. Jake is on the Duckett Rods Pro Staff and used them in his guide business. Going with a guide is a good way to try equipement before you buy it. Check to see who their sponsors are and check with them to make sure they will provide the tackle you want to try.

I fished a jig and pig on a heavy action Duckett Rods flipping stick and a swimbait on a ligher action rod. Both were very comfortable to use and light weight. The tiny micro guides on the rods look unusual but they make the rod lighter and, with good line, they cast further than with usual guides. Both rods had good action for the baits they were designed to cast, and were very sensitive.

Jake says the light rods allow him to fish longer without as much tiring and I agree. In a long day casting for bass, the lighter rods make a definite difference.

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I used two Duckett Rods while fishing with Guide Jake Davis. He provides his clients the rods I used when they fish with him.

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