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Oil To Use On Fishing Reels

Fishing Reel Oil


Many years ago I would take my reels apart, clean them carefully with a Q-Tip and then put gobs of Vaseline on the gears and moving parts. Although it probably did not hurt those old spin cast reels, it was way too much grease. A light coating of grease or oil is all it takes to keep them running smooth.

It does takes some lubricant, and oiling your reels regularly will keep them working problem free. A new reel lubricant from Lanigan promises to make your reels smoother and stay on them longer. Our About.com hunting guide used their weapon lubricant on one of his guns and liked it. They also make outboard and outdrive oils.

Many people use products like Reel Magic to keep their fishing lines supple and tangle free. They say it even reduces backlashes. The reel lubricant from Lanigan works to do this, also, and they are checking to make sure it will not affect the line. Longer casts and fewer backlashes are worth the extra effort! They even say putting some in the line guides helps.

Today's reels are very trouble free, and you can insure continued problem free work from them with a little oiling. And you can make them smoother and easier to use.

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