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How To Save Gas and Keep Fishing

You Can Fish And Save Gas


There are many ways you can save gas and keep fishing. Don't let the high cost of gas keep you from going fishing.

Fish Close To Home

Plan your fishing trips so you don't have to drive far. Do some research on local ponds, rivers and lakes you can fish. Check with local bait and tackle stores for fishing opportunities close to where you live so you don't have to use much gas in your vehicle getting to the fishing spot.

Keep Boat and Vehicle Speed Down

Drive slower in your vehicle and boat. A bass boat with a 225 hp motor will use almost twice as much gas at 65 mph as it does at 45 mph. A vehicle will also use less gas at 55 than at 75. Drive slower to keep the cost of gas lower.

Fish From The Bank To Save Gas

There is a lot of excellent bank fishing on many waters. Look for places you can fish from the bank at lakes, ponds and rivers. There are often fishing piers below dams on big lakes. The fishing can get great from the bank and you won't use any gas while fishing if you don't use a boat.

Plan A Trip Lasting Several Days To Save Gas

If you are going to drive to a fishing spot away from your home, plan to stay as long as possible. If you fish several days you won't be burning gas driving back and forth from home to your fishing spot.

Use Your Electric Motor

When fishing from a boat, use your electric motor, not your gas motor. Troll with an electric. Stay in one area and fish it longer rather than running all over the lake trying to find fish. This can pay off in more fish, too, since you learn a spot and the little keys to it that can help you catch fish there. Andrew Orlicky suggests fishing from a canoe or kayak, too. Both are great for catching fish and you get good exercise.

Fish From A Canoe or Kayak

Andrew Orlicky suggests fishing from a canoe or kayak, too. Both are great for catching fish and you get good exercise. Goes along with using electric motors rather than gas motors. Good idea.

Reduce Idle Time

Don't sit with your motor idling for long periods of time. When you first put your boat in the water crank it and let it warm up the minimum time then turn it off while parking your tow vehicle and trailer or while waiting on your partner to get back from the parking lot. Don't tie your boat up at the end of the day and let it idle at the dock while getting your trailer. That wastes gas and is bad on the motor. It often takes 15 to 30 minutes go get your trailer in the water and an idling motor uses a lot of gas. It also puts more unburned gas in the water through the exhaust, which is bad for the lake.

Buy A Lighter Boat

We went through a similar crisis in the late 1970s when gas prices jumped fast. Fishermen took action to combat the high cost. One way was to go to smaller, lighter boats. That is when aluminum bass boats became popular as did smaller fiberglass boats. Both can run with smaller outboards and use less gas, and since they are lighter you can tow them with a smaller vehicle.

Keep Trailer and Tow Vehicle Tires At Correct Inflation

Check your tire pressure often and make sure to keep them at the correct inflation. That will save gas since properly inflated tires roll easier and put less drag on the motor.

Tune Up Boat and Tow Vehicle Motors

Regular tune-ups will keep both motors running at most efficient levels and reduce the use of gas. Dirty spark plugs, gummed up injectors and other motor problems will waste gas.

Take A Partner With You To Reduce Gas Cost

Although you won't save gas, taking one or two people fishing with you will reduce your cost. Splitting gas cost two or three ways reduces the amount you have to pay.
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