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Fishing for Muskie In Lakes

Information On Lake Muskie Fishing


54 Inch Mounted Muskie

I have included a picture of a 54in. musky. I don't know who caught it but the fellow holding it is the taxidermist who mounted my rainbow. Paul Markle

2006 Paul Markle licensed to About.com
Muskie fishing in lakes for is fairly simple to figure out but it is still hard to hook a muskie. They are called the fish of 10,000 casts for a reason. You can be fishing in the right place in a lake with the right tackle and lures and still make many casts that don't produce a strike. But when you do hook a muskie, the thrill of the fight is hard to beat in freshwater.

Where To Find muskie in Lakes
Muskie feed around weed cover most of the time in lakes. Weed filled bays are good muskie habitat and a deep, rocky point nearby makes it even better. Muskie often hold on deep rocky structure in lakes and move into the shallow weedbeds to feed. You can find good lakes to fish for muskie by studying maps, and a lake map will help you decide where to fish on the lake you choose.

Baits To Use Fishing For muskie In Lakes
To catch a big fish, use a big bait. Although smaller baits will catch muskie, hat is very true for muskie in lakes. Big in-line spinners like spinnerbaits, spoons, topwater baits and big shallow running crankbaits all work well. Live suckers are the bait of choice when fishing for muskies but there is controversy about the death rate of muskies hooked on live bait then released. Trolling also works to catch muskie.

Tackle To Use Fishing For muskie In Lakes
Just to cast the big baits used for muskie calls for heavy tackle, and the size of the fish and the type of cover they frequent adds to the need for long, heavy rods, reels that can handle 20 plus pound test line and strong line. Braided line is often used since it cuts through the weeds. With monofilament, a steel leader is often used to keep the teeth of the muskie from cutting the line.

Muskie can be caught year-round in all seasons, but warm water increases your odds. To catch a muskie in a lake, find a weed choked bay near deep cover, throw a huge bait on heavy tackle and make cast after casts. When you do hook a muskie the effort will be worth it. You can even figure out if the muskie you caught was a male or female.

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