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Sunglasses by Costa Del Mar

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Costa Islamorada Sunglasses Review

My Costa sunglasses are very good fishing sunglasses

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The Bottom Line

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses have a great reputation among fishermen and it is well deserved. My pair are some of the best fishing sunglasses I have tried. The polarization is very good and they are light weight and comfortable.
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  • Very good polarization
  • Lightweight
  • Clear with no distortion
  • Large variety of styles and lense colors


  • Fairly Expensive


  • Polarized fishing sunglasses
  • Amber lenses in pair evaluated, but other colors available
  • Lightweight frames and lenses
  • Cost ranges from $129 up

Guide Review - Sunglasses by Costa Del Mar

My Islamorada Costa Del Mar sunglasses with the 580 lenses are extremely clear and the polarization is excellent. They are great fishing sunglasses since they are lightweight and block glare. The amber lenses make seeing in the water even better, which helps spotting bedding bass or seeing cover to cast to while fishing shallow.

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I bought my pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses at a Georgia Outdoor Writers Association meeting. The sunglasses were donated to help the organization raise funds and I got them at a high discount, less than half list price.

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