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Night Fishing Lights

The Latest and Greatest for Night Fishing


It's the time of year that you can get on the water and fish until midnight or so and can really load the boat with some great fish. The problem is most people aren't equipped properly and catching fish at night requires some technology.

First of all most folks that have fished at night have some sort of night black light. They are pretty common and a lot of people make them. The problem is most black lights on the market drain your batteries, have poor suction cups and won't hold your lights firmly to your boat.

And most importantly they have no way to help you see the grass lines and holes in the grass, especially if you like to flip. You're looking out into darkness and have no idea what type of structure your fishing.

Lastly, most of us that fish at night have to use flashlights to see your rods or reels that might be sitting on the deck of the boat.

Today there is a supplier that has eliminated all these issues. Punisher Lures has come out with some intriguing technology.

  • First, their black lights have an extremely well made suction cup. It holds your black light firmly in place.

  • Next every model is equipped with a white light that has an on off switch that shows onto the deck of your boat. You can see your tackle and save yourself some damage on your rods and reels.

  • Most important is the lighting is all LED technology and uses hardly any power. LED driven lighting uses less power than your depth finders do so you can fish all night without hurting your batteries.

  • Lastly the Punisher black light has a model designed with a blue and a set of green LED's. The green lighting shows the grass lines and holes in the grass so you can effectively flip just as if the sun were out. When the green lights combined with the blue lights are on your vision out 10 feet or so from your boat is just amazing. Your line shows up as it would with just the blue colored lights and you can actually see what your fishing.
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