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Stranded Ice Fishermen In Danger

Danger For Stranded Ice Fishermen


Big walleye caught by an ice fisherman

Big walleye caught by an ice fisherman

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Hundreds of ice fishermen were in danger when stranded on a huge ice floe on Lake Erie when shifting winds caused the floe to break away from the main ice. About 125 fishermen were on the break-away floe. One died when he had a heart attack after falling into the water trying to find a way back to the main ice.

Reports said ice fishermen placed pallets over cracks in the ice so they could got further out to fish. This is very dangerous and when the wind shifted it blew the floe out away so they could not get back.

Many of the ice fishermen in this dangerous situation had taken snowmobiles and trailers out on the floe and they left their equipment to be rescued later. They were taken off by helicopter and hovercraft.

The ice fishermen were trying to get as far out on the ice as they could for better fishing. They broke many ice safety rules and put themselves in danger.

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