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Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Diary
Excellent information from a rookie ice fisherman. His first year taught him many things that will help you if you want to go ice fishing, or if you just need info. His description of equipment items is excellent.

End of Season Ice Fishing Is Near
What is end of season ice fishing and how can I take advantage of it?

Catching Early Ice Walleye
Catching early ice walleye

Does Weather Affect Ice Fishing
Bob Jensen discusses the effects of weather on ice fishing

Ice Fishing Information
Why this southern boy wants to go ice fishing.

Finding Biting Fish Under the Ice
How To Find Biting Fish Under the Ice

Catching Big Bluegill Ice Fishing
How to catch big bluegill through the ice

End Of Season Ice Fishing
Bob Jensen gives some tips to take advantage of the good fishing near the end of ice fishing season.

Ice Fishing Safety Tips
Ice fishing safety tips from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

Ice Fishing Tips
Use these ice fishing tips to catch more fish when the water is hard on top

Ice Fishing Shelter Selection
Bob Jensen describes how to select an ice fishing shelter

Late Ice Panfishing
Bob Jensen explains how to target late ice panfish

Ten Safety Tips For Ice Fishing
Be safe on the ice follow these tips

Ice Fishing Pictures
Pictures of fish caught thru the ice and fishermen catching them

Ice Fishing Shelter
Where to get info to build your own hut or shelter and links to commercial ice fishing shelters and huts you can buy.

Blackout Huts for Ice Fishing
Colorado Fishing Federation's suggestions for getting a the right hut for you.

Ice Fishing Checklist
A good checklist from Ice Fishing World, make sure you don't leave home without something you need while ice fishing.

Perch Through the Ice
How to catch yellow perch through the ice

Winter Safety - What You Don't Know Can Kill You
Excellent article by guide Steve Huber

Hot Fishing, Frozen Kid
Guide Steve Huber gives a southern boy a chance to go fishing.

Goldenrod Grubs and More
From Outdoors Fishing Page, info on ice fishing, including a picture of goldenrod galls where you get the grubs for fishing. Other picturs, too.

Tackle Trends for the Ice Fishing Revolution
Check out the kinds of tackle you need to catch fish from water that is hard on top.

STOP Ice Fishing - START Angling On Ice - Part 1
The first part of a series of articles that will help you learn how to catch fish while fishing thru the ice.

STOP Ice Fishing - START Angling On Ice - Part 2
Learn to catch fish rather than just fish!

STOP Ice Fishing - START Angling On Ice - Part 3
Learn to catch fish under the ice rather than just sitting out there with a hook in the water.

Beginning Ice Fishing - Grass Roots
Find the grass and find the fish under the ice.

Ice "Eyes"
Wisconsin guide Steve Huber tells how to catch walleye thru the ice.

Winter Vacations in the Ice Fishing Belt
Where to go to catch fish thru the ice

Ice Fishing 101
Learn the basics of ice fishing.

Danger of Heaters in Ice Shacks
Be careful with portable gas radiant heaters in your ice shack!

Conduct Your Own Search
The secret to finding your own fish under the ice, by Dave Genz

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ice Fishing
Even if you were not afraid to ask. From the Minnesota DNR.

Tips on Live Baiting On The Ice
From Fish and Game, how to catch fish on live bait.

Ice Fishing Safety Tips
From the Minnesota DNR, Tim Smalley tells how to be safe.

Northern Ontario Ice Fishing
Resource listing of events, hut operators, organizations and safety.

The Art of Targeting Fish Under the Ice
Mark Leadens says stay mobile and catch more fish.

TFN Ice Fishing Safety Tips
Scott Binnie says don't drink and fish on the ice, and has other good tips.

Ice Fishing Safety from Minnesota Fshing
Good tips to be safe on the ice.

Coming off the Bucket
Discussion of modern ways to ice fish, by Mark Strand.

December Walleyes on Ice
How to catch walleye under the ice in December, from Ross Grothe

Depth, Speed and Color
The three ingredients you need to catch fish through the ice, from Dave Genz

Forgotten Beneath the Ice
Bass fishing under water that is hard on top, by Noel Vick.

Ice Fishing Safety Tips from Harbor Watch
What to do with your sled and if you fall through the ice.

Perch Jerkin' Good Time
Catching perch through the ice, from Ron Anlauf.

Pick the Right Spot for First Ice
How to catch fish during the early ice fishing period.

Reading Your Sonar Through An Eight Inch Hole
Mark Leadens tells how to best use a depthfinder through the ice.

Safety Tips
Ice safety tips from the Minnesota DNR

Scoring Big During First Ice
Ross Grothe tells how he plans his first early-ice fishing trip.

A Thin Sheet Over Small Water
Information about testing the ice and being safe, choosing a lake and the right bait.

The Virtues of "Waiting it out"
Why it is sometimes better to stay in one place while ice fishing, rather than moving around, from Noel Vick.

Ice Fishing Information
Why would anyone want to go ice fishing?

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