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A Top Water Tip For Big Bass

A Top Water Tip that Catches Big Fish


Big Late May Rainy Day Guntersville Bass

Big Late May Rainy Day Guntersville Bass

2009 Captain Mike Gerry, licensed to About.com
The top water bite keeps getting stronger and the fun has just begun. There is no better time on the lake for both the inexperienced and the accomplished fisherman than when the bass are hitting top water baits. This past week was the start of the top water season for me and my clients and we absolutely had great week fishing over the grass. We fished everything from Buzz frogs to popping baits and spooks to SWL buzz baits.

I saw some customers hanging on for dear life when the flushing of big bass strikes began. If you have never been successful on top water it’s the time to try it. The bass explode through the grass leave a big opening in the water and just eat your bait. They are fierce and tough and trying to haul one out of the cover is work. All week long my clients struggled trying to get those big fish out of the grass. They had big smiles, caught numbers and big fish and just had a blast.

We fished all 3 sections of the lake this past week, it really didn’t matter what end of the lake you were fishing. If there was grass you could get a top water bite. The Secret Weapon Lures buzzbait caught the biggest fish all week long they are just a terrific bait. They are well balanced, heavy enough to make long casts and sharp enough to put the big ones in the boat.

You can buy them on line. Read Ronnie Garrison's review at Secret Weapon Lures and you can use Captain Mike's FLGGS9 code and get a 30% discount off of list price.

The top water bite is on!

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