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Sarah's Fishing Story

Sarah Has Her Own Fishing Story

By Sarah

Sarah caught this bowfin on ultralight tackle

Sarah caught this bowfin on ultralight tackle

2006 Sarah licensed to About.com
My fiancé is an avid reader of your column and had a story posted two weeks ago about ultra light fishing. Now I have a story for you.

My fiancé loves fishing….. Eats drinks and dreams about it. Now he has me back into fishing. As a child I used to fish with my father but now Shawn has me “putting my bass face” on again. He has stressed the the thrill of ultra light fishing and has gotten me hooked when he bought me a quantum snapshot ultra light package.

Well I got my rod and reel and ran with it. Now he has me watching Roland Martin, Bass center and walking the pond at my office looking for baitfish. He has even named one of his favorite ponds Sarah’s pond because I out fished him there and thus leads to my story.

Shawn introduced me to one of his favorite little hot spots for bass. We were using storms wildeye swim shad that I had picked out the day before. Well before 45 minutes had passed I had one bass and five crappie. He had 3 crappie.

We left the pond and hit a new impoundment he had discovered. Well on my first cast I thought I had a snag….. But then I found out what shawn calls the sweet song of a reel…..my line running out! It wasn’t a snag but a 5 ½ lb bowfin. Once he surfaced I wasn’t sure who was more excited Shawn or me.

After a few times of the bowfin spooling my line out and my reeling him back in Shawn landed him. It took a while but I finally got up the nerve to hold him for a picture. Shawn had told me many stories about the bowfin and their teeth and he had the marks on his had to prove it.

Well now I’m looking for my record bass. We have just purchased an inflatable fold cat from Sea Eagle and are trading in his car for a truck so we can get a beginner bass boat and hopefully compete in some local bass tournaments.

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