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Lake Eufaula Walter F George Fishing Report

Fishing Report For Lake Eufaula or Walter F George


Lake Walter F George Largemouth and Captain Sam Smith

Lake Walter F George Largemouth and Captain Sam Smith

2010 Captain Sam Smith, licensed to About.com
Lake Level - 188.19 msl
Water Clarity - Muddy
Water Temps - 40's

Bass are hitting very slow due to the inclement weather. Very slow presentations are the only way to generate a strike. Slow rolling spinner baits on submerged tree tops. Jigs, spoons and soft plastics work as long as you are working them slowly.

Crappie are doing a little better at night with lights under the bridges and causeways.You must bundle up to keep warm. Some big slabs have been reported

Bream are still very slow and will pick up more in the spring.

Catfish are loving the muddy water and some good ones are making it to the frying pan. It is still a cold trip but the fun is always there.

The Creeks are holding fish of all species, so it is possible to have a fun day on the water and stay out of some of the bad winds. With the continued cold fronts moving through, it will be a few more weeks before the water begins to clear up and the water warms up a few degrees.

Be sure and keep a watch on the www.leekingbenefit.org web site for ways you can help find a cure for the Niemann-Pick kid's. Lee turned 20 years old last week. He is truly a fighter, and an inspiration to all of us.

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