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Jobs Making Money In the Outdoors

What Can I Do To Make Money Outdoors?


I almost became a game warden in 1974. At that time I was teaching school and making about $8000 per year working 190 days. I could have gotten on with the Georgia DNR as a new game warden, working 365 days per year on call 24 hours a day and making about $9000 per year. I decided to stick with teaching!

If you want to work outdoors, you can contact state Department of Natural Resources offices to find out job requirements and opportunities in each state. You can expect long hours, low pay, and lots of time outside! You will know the best places to fish and hunt, but you won't have a lot of time to take advantage of them! You will get to walk around in the woods with a gun, but the "game" you are hunting also have guns and don't want you to find them.

Outdoor writing is lots of fun but extremely hard to break into. There are so many folks wanting to do it that pay is very low for even successful writers. Check with your local newspaper about doing a column for them - that is how I got started, by writing a weekly column for the Griffin Daily News. You can also check with state magazines in your state - like Georgia Outdoor News or Georgia Sportsman in Georgia. Georgia Sportsman is one of the Game and Fish publications. That company has magazines in 26 states. If you want to write, pay attention to spelling, grammar and deadlines!

Being a pro fisherman is exciting and some make a lot of money from it. Your chances of making aren't very good, though. You can read profiles of the Bass Master's Classic contenders and see how they got there. Most spent many years fishing lower level tournaments, putting in the time to learn habits of bass and how to find them. If you want to go this route expect to spend many hours in a boat, away from family, in all kinds of weather. There is nothing quite as cold as spending eight hours in a bass boat on a freezing cold, rainy, windy day!

To be a successful professional bass fisherman, you have to do a lot more than just catch bass. You will have to be able to get sponsors and represent their products in a way that makes people want to buy them and use them. Your PR skills will be even more important than your fishing skills.

You can also be a fishing guide - that is the route most pro fishermen take to get started and to supplement their income from tournament winnings.. Anybody can become a guide just by saying you are one - you had better have good people skills, as well as be able to find fish and help others catch them - if you want to be successful.

Working on a fishing boat is tough work, but can be high paying. You can also run a small commercial fishing business on a local lake catching catfish for sale. You can even catch turtles to sell! Some people make a living fishing like this, but for most it is a good way to pick up a little extra money and work outside some of the time.

If you are serious about a job outdoors, consider all the possibilities. A fisheries biologists requires a degree from a good college. Other jobs are easier to get - but most that are easy to get are extremely hard, or don't pay much.

Work outdoors - if you can. If not, get a good job that allows you to enjoy the outdoors during your vacation!

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