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What Is Fishing

Fishing Is A Recreation for All


Bailey Snider and Tennessee Catfish

Bailey Snider and Tennessee Catfish

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Fishing is the act of catching fish in a variety of ways. Commercial fishing is taking fish for sale. Recreational fishing is catching fish for personal use or for the sport of catching fish. Recreational caught fish are eaten by the person catching them or released, they are not sold.

Recreational fishing can be done in a variety of ways. Most consider fishing to be taking fish by hook and line. You can use either poles, rod and reel to do so. Rods and reels for fishing include fly fishing outfits, spincast fishing outfits, spinning fishing outfit and bait casting outfits.

Recreational fishing can include fishing with nets, fishing with jugs, fishing with set lines like trotlines and bank hooks and even spearing fish. But these vary by location and some kinds are prohibeted by law.

Fishing is often broken down into saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

Tournament fishing is catching fish for prizes. The rules can vary but bass tournament fishing is very popular and includes a lot of prize money. There are also catfish tournaments, walleye tournaments and many other kinds of tournaments in fresh and salt water.

Many people start fishing at a young age and fish all their lives. Woman fishermen fish at all levels and women compete at the professional level in bass fishing. Fishing is not limited by sex or age, anyone can fish.

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