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Fishing With Mother

Mom and Fishing


My mom died on November 19, 2000. About four years before that we started noticing something was not quite right with her, and soon realized she was developing Alzheimer's Disease. Two years later we had to put her in a nursing home because she required full time care. She had not recognized me since a few months before that.

She was my first fishing partner and she is the reason I am such a fanatic about fishing now. I have written three articles here about fishing with her, they are listed above under "Related Resources." Those memories helped me get through the terrible time in my life when she died. I will never go fishing without thinking of her.

All the wonderful comments, thoughts and prayers from the people here also made a great difference. Fishermen are some of the best people on earth, and times like these bring that home even more.

I hope every one reading this has someone to take them fishing, or to take fishing. If you have children, make memories for them and you now. It will last both of you a lifetime.

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