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Plastic Fishing Bait Dip and Dye

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JJs Magic

JJs Magic

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The Bottom Line

JJ's Magic is one of the best dip and dye formulas I have tried and I use it whenever I want to add a color or scent to my baits.


  • Fast Acting Dye
  • Strong Garlic Scent
  • Three Colors and Clear Scent Only Available


  • In Glass Jars
  • Will Come Out on Hands if Jar Gets Hot


  • JJ's Magic Dip and Dye colors baits quickly
  • The garlic scent in JJ's Magic is strong and long lasting
  • JJ's Magic comes in chartruse, red, blue and clear if you just want to add a scent without color

Guide Review - Plastic Fishing Bait Dip and Dye

A product I have been using for several years and really like is JJ’s Magic, a dip and dye for plastic worms. J. J. Polak is president of the Flint River Bass club, one of the bass clubs I am in, and had been producing this dye for years. Last year he was a sponsor of the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation and many people at the tournament used his dip and dye.

Worm dyes have been around for a long time and I have been using them since they came out. You dip the tail of a lizard or worm into the dye and it magically changes colors. The dye is a strong solvent that reacts to the plastic and changes it. JJ’s takes it one step further. There is a strong garlic scent that permeates the worm, making it more attractive to bass.

JJ’s Magic comes in chartreuse, red, blue and clear for just adding scent. They work for me. You can check out his products at http://www.jjsmagic.com/

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