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A. C. Hatchery Trout Swim Plug

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The size 8 A C Plug in Hatchery Trout color

The size 8 AC Plug is 8 inches long. It comes in sizes 1 through 12 and a variety of colors.

12/05 Ronnie Garrison, licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

If you are fishing for troply fish, this is an excellent plug. You may not get a lot of bites while fishing with an A.C. Plug but the ones you do get usually will be worth taking a picture. Use these baits if you want to catch a wall hanger.


  • Hand Carved Baits
  • Excellent Action
  • Very Sharp Owner Hooks
  • Large Sizes for Big Fish
  • Combination Wooden Body and Soft Plastic Tail


  • Need Heavy Tackle


  • A.C. Plugs come in several sizes and colors
  • These plugs are hand carved and strong
  • Excellent baits for trophy size fish

Guide Review - A. C. Hatchery Trout Swim Plug

A. C. Plugs are great baits for trophy fish. They are a little hard to cast if you are not used to throwing big baits, but they are excellent if you want to catch the big one. They come with very sharp Owner hooks that are heavy enough to handle any fish you hook and are solidly built plugs.

You can get A.C. Plugs in a varitey of colors and patterns including minnow, trout, shad and others as well as a varitey of sizes.

These plugs look very realistic in the water. Based on the pictures of trophy fish on the site, big fish think they look real, too.

Note - A plug was provided to me free of charge to test and use.

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