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Pulse Jig from Buckeye Lures

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Buckeye Pulse Jig

Buckeye Pulse Jig

Buckeye Pulse Jig

The Bottom Line

The Pulse Jig is an excellent bait when you need a finesse bait, especially in clear water under tough conditions. It can be fished at any depth at a variety of speeds.


  • Works well under tough conditons
  • Sharp hook
  • Clear plastic collar is invisible
  • Comes in a variety of weights


  • Easy to hang up since it does not have a weed guard
  • Action is so subtle it is hard to feel when fishing
  • Relatively expensive


  • Collard Lead Head Jig
  • Cones in three weights
  • Comes in five colors

Guide Review - Pulse Jig from Buckeye Lures

The Buckeye Pulse Jig is a lead jig head with a plastic collar. You attach a Zoom Fluke or other plastic trailer and the head makes the Fluke swim when reeled in.

While fishing the Georgia Bass Chapter Federation Nation Top Six at Lake Hartwell on the second day I fished a brush pile I had found the first tournament day. I had caught some little bass out of it on a jig head worm the first day but neither my partner or I got a strike.

As we started to leave I told my partner I was going to try a "change up" and tied on a Pulse Jig. I had never fished one before but on my second cast swimming the jig across the top of the brush I hooked and landed a three pound largemouth, my best of the day. It helped me place 8th in that tournament.

In a tough May tournament at Lanier I caught three spotted bass weighing ten pounds on the pulse jig head to place second in a club tournament. Those were the only three bites I got all day.

The Pulse Jig is a good finesse bait to use when you want a small amount of action from a lifelike bait. The clear plastic head is pretty invisible in the water and the bait looks like a small fish.

I will depend on this bait in the future in clear water under tough conditions.

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