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Recoil Rig - Something Different For Fishing - SWL Recoil Rig

Something Different For Fishing


Secret Weapon Recoil Rig

Secret Weapon Recoil Rig

2008 Secret Weapon Lures licensed to About.com
Every year the bass fishing industry comes out with the newest hot bait, or the bait and presentation that will change the industry. We have seen this phenomenon in past years go from the likes of swim baits, and Senko's to big jigging spoons plus many more.

In the last couple of years we have been hearing about drop shot fishing, and for Guntersville this bait has had limited returns. Now I believe a company Secret Weapon Lures (SWL), has found an answer for the Guntersville grass, in a drop shot rig.

SWL has come out with a drop shot rig they call a "Recoil Rig" a drop shot bait with a flexible extension that I believe could be the next storm on Lake Guntersville; mainly because the Recoil Rig will work in the grass and the long points and ledges on Guntersville. I recently had the pleasure of fishing with SWL representative and my mind couldn't help but envision all the possibilities for this rig. With the flexible elastic drop shot you can work in grass, it wiggles the bait like a wounded baitfish and ought to be a deadly weapon to fish during the spawn. You can't help but visualize this bait wiggling next to a spawning bed, or along the edge of a grass line, or down 20 feet on a muscle bed. The presentations are endless and the results could be deadly.

Those of you who have great patience for the wintertime fishing, this presentation can be worked slowly yet the bait reacts with intense movement. Rig a Comida or small 6 inch Mister Twister worm to it and the movement will amaze you as you slowly move it over a strike zone.

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